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Tim Sylvia vs Mariusz Pudzianowski [Video]



Mariusz stepped up in competition way too fast. He really needs to adapt his conditioning to MMA. It is just too bad that he is not a more accomplished wrestler or grappler with the strength that he possesses.


well, first all, it definitely was a horrible fight... Pudzian new what risk he had taken, but nevertheless he didn sell his leather cheap, he tried.

objectively speaking, he needs to work on his technique, i dont even bother to mentioning his conditioning... pudzian has rather short arms, the fight against sylvia showed that to the maximum...

sylvias yearlong experience speaks for itsself imho, of course pudzian was hyped, ppl were waiting for a surprise but it didn't happen, it's just sad how people now try to talk him down and everything,

it should not be forgotten that this guy even in strongman competition had a rough start, but constantly worked on his routine and finally did it, he has a fighter mentality, and i think in about a year or two there will be something to look at.

back to the fight, i think it was obvious, that marius underestimate 260pounds of flesh, that has the ability to defend itself, its not like throwing around 260lbs of potatoes or steal :-/ Sylvia showed, that even in worse shape, he was able to be fast and deadly with his punches still, pudzian didn't even now how to guard his face after a while, a really sad view

i personally would suggest mariusz to look at bobby lashley who is in his body-composition league but far more athletic.

hope to see some nice fights between him and others in the future, he definitely learned a lot from tim sylvia this time, BIG TIME

Polska Rzadzi! :slight_smile:


Come on Pudz you forgot about the killer leg kicks and the overhand assault!!

Tim Silvia just won that because he was takin ROIDS!!!!!

Tim Silvia for dopping right now!!!

ok, now being serious: i hope Super Mariusz get better preparation and do it slower next time, don't rush things.


Even though Pudz had no actual grappling/striking background or ring experience, it's pretty freaking awesome to be able to say you beat up the World's Strongest Man.


No surprise. Pudz has looked like a novice on the feet, and a 6 month BJJ white belt on the ground. Tim is, no matter what anyone says, a veteran with legit skills (fucked up Nog before getting pwned on the ground, hung in there on the feet against Arlovski). He just has some serious holes in his game that guys like Nog, Fedor and Mercer were able to exploit.
If Mariusz is serious about this he needs to fill up that gas tank first, then work on his standup.


In nog's defense everyone fucks him up, even when he wins. His serious flaw has been not moving when the fight starts. Arlovski, Mercer, Fedor, Randy all socked him early in the first.


This fight was just a great example of how strength has very little to do in battle. Of course Pudz was able to muscle a couple takedowns on sylvia, but you can see how much he had to exert to complete them. Someone with a 1/4 of a strength could have performed the same takedown with ease, knowing the technique.

As much as I love Pudz, he definitely chewed off more than he can swallow. Sylva, although not a standout, still had much of an advantage. You can't try to grapple with someone whos been training for over a decade, whereas you only trained a couple months. I know pudz had some martial arts training prior to his forthright advneture, but we all know it wasn't no MMA.

Lessoned learned, technique & experience > brute strength


The lesson should be technique and strength the most dominant wrestlers have both.


he should stop now. you can't just walk into this sport with a wish


Nonsense. If it's truly something that he wants to pursue seriously then he should continue doing so. He definitely needs to spend some serious time developing his technical abilities though and activity specific conditioning though. Hopefully he's got a good team of coaches around him and fighters/sparring partners to help him do so.

If he isn't going to drop his ego and realize that he needs to stop trying to rely purely on his strength, then yeah I'd agree that he probably isn't going anywhere in the sport. If he is willing to, then (with the with the combination of his already elite strength and much improved technical skills) he could probably give a lot of Heavyweights serious problems.

Maybe he'll never hold a belt, maybe he will. Only time will tell.


He will have to decide whether he prefers MMA or Strongman.
You cannot do both.


Minotauro couldn't take Tim down and Pudz did it a couple of times =)


Thats gotta add at least 100 to your free test levels.


Definitely. If I were his coach I would actually not have him do any strength work (well, maximal strength work anyway, obviously he'd still be doing strength endurance stuff) and just work purely on his technical skills and combat conditioning. He's already got enough strength to be able to hang with anyone in MMA, so continuing to work on it isn't going to do much for him.


It was much more important for Tim to win that it was for Pudz to lose. Was just outclassed and gave up. You could see it in his face at the beginning of rnd2. He looked way too frustrated. Tapping to strikes makes me questions his heart though.


According to interviews he's not lifting.


yeah, i was kinda hoping Mariusz would win.....

i think this was a bad mathc for him, partially due to Sylvia's size and reach. also, Sylvia really does have good takedown defense.

but i was surprised how gassed Marisz was.....it looks like he might have overestimated his cardio....


you can be an elite triathlete and be absolutely gassed within 2 minutes in the cage.

worlds apart