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Tim Robbins


Tim Robbins is a DOOSH BAG!

enough said.


Am I missing something?


Last time I checked, he was a pretty good actor.


Agreed. He is a cockjockey because he needs to stay in acting and not try to get political.


yes, I believe his last name before he went to Hollywood was actually Douchebag.

He came from an old English family, not surprisingly one that was involved in the womens hygiene industry. A direct descendant of Lord Douchebag who was great fiends of Lord Sandwich. The king was once overheard saying "Give me a Sandwich and a Douchebag, and there is nothing I cannot do."



Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

Yes he is a douchebag, yes he is entilted to his stupid political opinions just like the rest of us.

I think the bigger douchebags are the media types that feel they have to report his opinions.

He plays make believe for a living. Why would anyone take him seriously?


Tim Robbins is an idiot savant; a genius as an actor, but in real life couldn't rationally think herself out of a paper bag!

He is Rain Man!


No. Actually all actors are douchbags. IMO most of them are not even good at acting. Most of them just act like they do in real life. Big deal.

No actors are any more qualifed to make political commentary than you or I. However, they are on TV, so it gets reported regardless.

It should be known that in their community, Tom Cruise is officially recognized as the lord of the Douchbags.


Hey Guys, Lets not forget the other not so great actor, Douchbag Ronnie Reagan.He started out fightin for his SAG buddies and when the chance came along he flipped on his buddies and became a repub.He had a hard time remembering the script when he was potus and i didnt think his acting improved to much when he had that gig.I know, I know ,all you repubs think he was even better than georgie boy.


So if you're not a politician or paid to mouth political opinions, you should shut the fuck up about politics. Fuck democracy eh?

Here's an idea for all you democracy hating right wingers, you hate democracy so much, how bout you move to North Korea?


4 More Years of Douche Bag!

4 More Years of Douche Bag!



LMFAO, You're a real defender of the homeland! Our forefathers stood barefoot in the snow at Valley Forge, even now soldiers stand in the deserts of the Middle East, Lawyers spend lifetimes arguing over the 1st Amendment, and you're telling people on an internet forum (that Tim Robbins probably doesn't even read) to fuck off to N. Korea. Bud Light should make a commercial out of you.

Even if you win this argument and prove that Tim Robbins is, in fact, not a douchebag, have you really won?


I see the same old free speech canard is quacking around the forums once again...


Arnold Schwarzenegger should STFU and stay out of politics too. He's a stupid actor.

Oh wait, he's going to get dumped on his ass by the voters soon. Never mind.




Anyone that doesn't share my political beliefs is a complete moron, and a "DOOSH BAG". Especially if they have more fame/money/power than me and thus carry more weight in the public sphere than I do.

Does that about sum it up? Good...now someone enlighten me, what is a "doosh bag"?


Are you even allowed to call someone something you can't spell?

I'm sure Tim is crying himself to sleep on his solid-gold pillow because you don't like him.




A douchebag isn't an insult, it gets a lotta pussy.


are you a communist ?