Tim Patterson's Diet

I was just wondering if the busy Tim could give us a day’s meal plan from his current diet. Especially since he has switched to a 50p-40c-10f ratio. I’m very curious as to what foods he eats to get that odd ratio. I’m sure other’s would be interested too. Thanks.

I thought it was 50% protein 30% fat and 20% carbs?

Kelly, my man, you are absolutely WRONG for once! Naw, I’m just playin’ with ya, bro, just bustin’ your chops a lil’. VCreed’s right on about Timmy P’s ratios–at least that’s what was printed in his detailed outline of his prospective training, nutrition and supplementation regimen originally appearing in BTS Issue 162.

VCreed...I don't think it's all that complicated really. I imagine he sets his protein goal, then just gets the rest of calories from carbs--good ones, I'm sure--with either no or very little fat supplementation. I doubt that the ratios are dead-on at each meal...Timmy may shift towards very high protein meals with little fat and carbs towards the end of the day, while eating equal or slightly higher carb meals earlier. Just a guess and the big dog's presence would definitely be welcomed.

I e-mailed him concerning this exact matter about 10 days ago. If it’s not to much trouble I would like to know about how many cals he takes in a day to stay so lean and his cardio routine as well. By the way, if you read some other boards, you’ll notice this mod pro, mod carb, low fat diet is making a strong comeback. If nothing else the digestion is awesome when you get rid of some of the heavy fats and oils typically found in a ketogenic diet. I really am enjoying this type of diet. Remember, high fat, high protein dieting is not for everyone. In fact, I commend Tim for bucking against the current diet fads and doing what works best for him even though everyone has been proposing the exact opposite plan. However, the proof is in the pudding and if you look at Tim’s pic you can see this diet definetly works great for him.