Tim Patterson, TC, Chris, and Biotest Staff

In about a month or so, I’ll be placing my next order for Grow/Surge. As of now, it’s looking something like this.

15 Tubs Surge

20 Tubs of GROW

You really are the best guys, thanks for the deal.

Dear Tim,TC,Chris,and Biotest staff,
“I LOVE YOU MAN!” (as read like the old Budweiser commercials) Just in time for spring/summer!

more supps at low prices?? bringing back the Grow! bars?? now that WOULD be something, if the price gets lower than other sites that i can get it at, i’m hooked to buying it straight from here. Although i usually just use Surge and Grow!, if the prices start dropping down, i might have to start trying some things. . . :slight_smile:

I for one am liking where this could be headed! I do hope that Mr. Patterson continues this “cut out the middle man” idea all the way down the Biotest product line.

I’m not seeing the need to shop anywhere else now.

Although it was never as expensive as Grow or Surge, I’d like to see PowerDrive cut out the middleman and go for about 18 bucks. Any plans for this?

Davo the Greedy Bastard

Hey, Tim and TC, ditch the middlemen, drop the prices, keep the quality top notch, and I’ll buy from this site.

Davo, it could happen, though I’m not speaking for the company. Just a guess on my part. Power Drive would be a good supp to add to the “no middleman, direct sales, low price” list.

Brilliant, I was paying about $70 a tub for Grow and Surge in UK prices this is really appreciated.

Bring back Grow bars guys.

Chris Shugart says:

That would be very, very cool.

I think the Power Drive thing could work. Again, it depends totally on your responses. In other words, if you make orders and take advantage of these new no-middleman prices then I think Tim and TC would offer up more direct sales supps.

Consider this my endorsement for Powerdrive being priced lower. I look at it as a non-essential supplement, unlike Grow and Surge, but if it was priced around twenty bucks I would definitely start picking it up regularly.

I have a hunch it was one helluva Monday in the shipping/receiving dept. of Biotest.

I know my order is piled deep somewhere in there!

I like the idea that these are REGULAR, EVERYDAY prices. I no longer have to extend myself and stock up, during Biotest sales. I hope this carries over into other Biotest products, as my other supplies are running low.

This is super-sweet!!! But I gotta say one thing… If you are thinking of expanding into other flavours (<—Canadian) Think about this…BACON!!! Nobody has bacon flavoured shakes… and I can tell you from experience that they are better than they sound. mmmmmmmmmmm bacony.

(Moderator’s note: Bacon flavor??? Must be a Canadian thing!)

I second the grow bar vote. That move really turned me off when it got pumped up for so long then you guys dropped it.

johnnychimpo: The price of Power Drive would be less than $20 I bet if Biotest drops the middlemen and sells direct.

johnnychimpo - nice handle! :slight_smile:

Yeah, BACON flavoured Grow!

Also, let’s have Lager Grow!, India Pale Ale Grow!, Dark Ale Grow!, Stout Grow!

and of course, my personal favourite: Lumpy Chicken Gravy Grow!


Thanks for the awsome deal Biotest. I now don’t have to worry about weather or not I will be able to afford Surge after my last two containers run out. :slight_smile: Plus, now I won’t have to settle for taking a cheap and inferior whey protein powder.

I do have one suggestion though. Would it be possible to put together some kind of pakage deal with Tribex and M. That stuff gets really expensive when your buying four bottles of Tribex and four bottles of M at one time. Which is what I need for each ten week cycle I do. If you do the math, the total price for that stack is $359.60. In the future I want to try adding Red Kat into my cycle aswell, when you add in the cost of four bottles of Red Kat, the price for the ten week cycle jumps up to $599.40. That is one expensive cycle. That pice tag makes Tribex, Red Kat, and M out of most peoples budgets.

I do have a couple suggestions as far as packages go. The first package would be two bottles of Tribex, two bottles of Red Kat, and two bottles of M. Which would have a price tag of somewhere between $120 and $140.

The next package would be three bottles of Tribex and three bottles of M. Which would have a price somewhere around $100 and $120.

The good thing about selling the package deals here is that you would still be able to sell all of those products seperatly at other retailers.

With MAG-10 gone, people are going to be looking for the next best legal supplement, with the package deals, they would actually be able to afford them.

I only bought at netrition because it was cheaper. My volume will definately increase as a result of the price decrease, I would assume that everyone else will follow suit.