Tim Patterson, TC, Chris, and Biotest Staff

I just wanted to say thanks for listening to your loyal customers. It takes a big set of brass balls to restructure two products like you did. Cutting off your distributors and retailers, WOW! Your seling, I’m buying!

Thanks again, really.

To everybody involved: I love you

If this is successful (and I don’t see how it couldn’t be) you may see more to come. How about other supps at low everyday prices? How about special combination supplements sold no where else? How about super strong, limited edition versions of certain products? How about we bring Grow! bars back and sell them for almost nothing? It could all happen.

But it all depends on everyone’s willingness to buy their core supplements like protein powders and post-workout drinks from us. Hopefully everyone will send TC and Tim a message, and that message is “Ditch the middlemen, drop the prices, keep the quality top notch, and we’ll buy from this site.”

If they get that message, then the fun is just getting started… not just with cool supplements, but with the great events, contests and special features we can bring into T-Nation.

If it happens, seeing a good price for all biotest products, I’ll only buy stright from Biotest. Cool deal to start off with Grow and Surge. It’s not too often I can buy Surge due to the cost. Now I can.

this event has made me decide to get a job, cos no way in hell do I have an excuse of not buying surge now.

I wish every company worked liked this - you’re definitely creating lifelong customers. Now, off to place my first order…

I promise to only buy my stuff from this website, honest!

It is a great news. I already ordered some Low Carb Grow :slight_smile:

I am all for it. I currently buy all my supplements, Biotest included, from another online retailer. No offense, but it was strictly business. Of course I am making the switch because you can’t beat these prices!!! Thanks

Mr Shugart I LIKE the way this headed!

Come on everybody go and buy your Grow/Surge NOW!!!

Just ordered myself a load of Grow/Surge and was pleasantly surprised how cheap the shipping was to the UK. Absolute bargain, somebody pinch me.

Bloody Brilliant :slight_smile:


Ballsy business move. However, I still want STRAWBERRY. Wake up Patterson. You’re only listening to 99.37% of tthe people!

Maybe I am being dense/dumb/retarded/thick/stupid but when I went onto the online shopping section I couldnt find shipping prices anywhere.

I wnat to buy some Grow! but couldnt find shipping charges to Japan. Can someone please end my ignorance?

this is the way to go. I never saw the need to buy from a store because i could get it cheaper online. good move.

Wow…absolutely incredible. I have never used Surge but I just bought a tub. And I am sure i’m not the only one.

Way to go guys. I am sure this one will pan out :slight_smile:

Avoids Roids-

Why don’t you just throw a couple of frozen strawberries in the blender? That’s what I like about the vanilla…you can make it any flavor you want…blueberry, raspberry, root beer, peppermint, coconut, orange…

I’ve tried that Lexie but it isn’t the same. The EAS Myoplex has a strawberry that is really great. I’ve tried the strawberry trick with their vanilla product too and it is no where near the same. Oh well.

Avoids, have you tried sugar free pudding or jello mixes? These can really change the flavor using vanilla Grow as a base. I even make a pistachio shake using these items.

As for Biotest making a new flavor, I mentioned that to Tim a long time ago and back then the issue was warehouse space. They have a new, high tech, climate controlled warehouse now so that part is okay.

The other part is that, traditionally speaking, strawberry and flavors other than vanilla and choc just don’t sell well. Myoplex can get away with it because they’re huge, sell in K-Mart, have a bigger profit margin than Grow! because Grow! doesn’t skimp at all on quality ingredients, etc.

But all that may change now that the middle man is gone. Tim may be more open to this idea. Drop him an e-mail.

This is great news.

Where can I find shipping prices to Toronto though?

if you want shipping prices, just go all the way in the order, entering your credit card number, but dont click confirm at the end of the order. On the last screen it prolly has shipping costs.

It’s best to contact Biotest customer service for questions about shipping to other countries.

Here’s their contact info:

e-mail: service@biotestedge.com

Phone Outside the US and Canada:

Fax Outside the US and Canada: