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Tim Patterson is THE MAN

After reading BTS I decided to try the two scoops of power Drive with some caffeine and holy shit was I flying. I’m a Hammer thrower in college and I had one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. I’m hooked, I recommend any other NCAA athletes scared of getting caught for ephedrine use try this combo it feels like I’ve been taking MD6 all day. Thanks Tim Patterson

Postal, do you feel really awake, or just wired to hell like you are on Ripped Fuel. I dont want that shaky feeling

I didn’t get the jitters like I would with ephedrine but I was just as awake and very alert.

Are you on the complete stack, or just the Power Drive? The complete stack is expensive, so I am thinking of just doing the Power Drive.

I like the jitters. Makes me look like I’m on crack. :wink:

Right now I’m just using the Power Drive and Caffeine. I will get some Tribex and M this weekend.

I don’t know how you guys do it. If I take something to intensify my workouts, I’m beat for days. It seems I smash my way through my recovery capabilities.

I also have crazy workouts with 2 power drive + caffiene, to the point where I’m wiped for days. I like 1-2 scoops of Power Drive alone mostly. For certain days or competitive grappling sessions I’ll add caffeine but I only do this about 1 time every 6 weeks or so.

Yeah, I feel that PD+caffiene is really motivating too but I take just one scoop and then 1 black coffee 30 min. prior. Perhaps Tim is used to alot of stimulants but anyway, the combo is very beneficial.

I’m a huge fan of Power Drive, but use it for boring lectures and punching out long papers. After Tim’s article though I decided to give the two scoops a run along with club soda (shout outs to charles staley) prior to my psycho biology midterm. The cognitive stimulus was excellent, there were no mental blocks during the exam.

Well, I tried caffeine before my training yesterday. It definitely gave me a big boost. I had felt sluggish and tired all day, but my training was great. I am gonna try it for the final 2 1/2 weeks of my Renegade Training, and see if it really does help.