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Tim Patterson is at it again!


It all becomes crystal clear now. Tim Patterson emerges and promotes a miracle supp “Spike” (which by the way is a fantastic piece of ingenuity, first day Spiked and I absolutely love it!)

But what about the sudden rash of posts from TimPa. Well that can easily be explained.


He’s got some free hours for some Spike! Q&A.

Yep, Biotest mastermind Timmy P is locked up tighter than Professor X’s sphincter folks.

(Please don’t come after me Prof, ur a big boy.)

The alias “Fate” Patterson sound familiar to you Tim.

This story can be found here:


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The naked jogger has met his fate: a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for running around the neighborhood without his shorts.

Fate Patterson, 39, of West Memphis, Ark., was convicted Wednesday of indecent exposure, fleeing and resisting arrest. Municipal Court Judge William P. Rainey sentenced him to a fully clad year behind bars.

Police had received reports for several months from a West Memphis neighborhood of a man jogging in the nude before they arrested Patterson on Jan. 11, an unseasonably warm day.

Officers said they saw Patterson jogging bare from the waist down and ordered him to stop. When he kept running, officers used a stun gun to pause the pursuit of the pantless perpetrator.

Patterson was supposed to have a mental evaluation, but Rainey canceled it when Patterson admitted he entered a Florida woman’s home naked two years ago.

“I don’t need a mental health evaluation,” Rainey said. “He’s not crazy. He knows exactly what he’s doing.”

AHA. Gotcha. Busted.

Obviously the pre-release testing of Spike is shrouded in secrecy b/c of this event.

A Spike induced “high”, followed by the “unbridled”, pantless GPP work that CW pushes on us so much, in a combination w/ Shugart’s neighborhood jog/hobo presses. It all makes sense.

By the way the photo up top was recently released by the prison PR.

See ya in a year Patty.

Colorado Springs, ha, gimme a break. “Timfoolery” at its finest.

Oh yeah, and I happened to have a spare hour, errrr…uhhh maybe minute ummmm…yeahh to research this so you can bet your squat-built striated ass that the veracity is there.

All in good fun,



I also would sincerely recommend Spike.

Took it this morning and have had energy all day. I agree w/ some other posters in that it does almost feel like you should have EC “jitters” but they never physically show up so to speak.

Constant high and very “clean” as was promised. Haven’t hit a wall yet, and something tells me I won’t, great effort on Spike guys, keep up the good work.