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tim mccarver

does anyone else out there hate tim mccarver as much as i do? I have tried to put up with this moron especially since all stations with post season baseball have decided to have him on the air this year, but it is not working. i am throwing stuff at the TV and have gone as far as putting the TV on mute and listening to the game on the radio. sorry i just really hate this man…this is the guy who i actually heard talk about whether or not showering before a game is a good idea for four innings totally neglecting the game. Now, i know baseball needs some help and i feel that the best place to start is by televising tim mccarver getting hit by the bats of all the players who hit 20 or more homeruns. there are your ratings!!!

Couldn’t agree with you more. I wish Deion Sanders had just finished him off way back in that locker room celebration incident…

My favorite McCarver moment so far has been his analysis of Kenny Lofton getting a bad jump on a ball hit over his head. McCarver pointed out how long Lofton hesitated by counting, “one-one thousand, two-one thousand” during the replay…of course it was during a slo-mo replay.

I don’t care at all for Fox’s coverage of baseball (or the NFL either!) Too many retarded sound effects, computer animated robots, pitching coaches with microphones…seven different shots of a team’s reaction after one of their guys hits a home run…duh…of COURSE they are going to jump around and cheer. And finally a shot of moody assed Barry Bonds every ten seconds or so, spitting sunflower seeds,cross earring dangling. Fox is pitiful.

Good call! Rabid Yankee fan who was delighted when they pushed him off on the general public. Radio’s definitly the way to go.

I certainly respect any man that has played in the big leagues, and believe they have the t-man qualifying brass balls. I personally like Joe Morgan and think ESPN should bone up and buy the TV rights.

i also hate fox for sports or anything for that matter. they will put anything on tv if they think people will watch it. on mccarver i agree that he does get a little long winded with his comments. but you have to respect the guy because he is the only broadcaster that will actually criticize a player or manager for a mistake that they made. everyone else blames it on the lights or the turf or whatever. yes he is opinionated, but at least he isnt afraid to state it. i dont want to hear joe buck and his completley biased remarks towards the cards, talking about how cannon kile is the reason they won game 3. nor do i need a dissertation about his deceased father after the giants win the pennant. i may not agree with some of the things mccarver says but at least he has the balls to go against the grain a little.

You know who I find really annoying is Bill Walton doing basketball on NBC(I think) and Joe Thiesman doing ESPN Sunday night football. Jeez these guys are irritating. Some times I think the networks hire these dinks knowing they bug the crap out of the viewers. Maybe there is some marketing ploy at work that escapes me.