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Tim is Ripped!!!

Tim looks bad ass! Could you please post your daily diet and wether or not you incorporate any cheat meals or days. Thanks.

Tim; Lookin’ good! Agree with seeing the diet and workout posted. TC said you started back in the day at 154lbs. What’s your height? Do you consider yourself a “hardgainer?”

I’d also like to know Tim’s thoughts on cardio. The man obviously knows what he’s talking about when it comes to getting shredded!

One note about TC. With the seemingly endless catalog of injuries, it seems like he has been turning that flounder into surimi. TC take care of yourself my man. I’ve learned the hard way that being injured is the surest way to hinder your development. Of course you probably realized that by now…just wanted to reinforce that.

Hyok, only the pec was a weightlifting injury. The torn bicep–more like cut bicep–occurred during a construction accident. I was working on one of those pillars that you see in front of banks, and I had just finished drilling in some iron bands that were to serve as structural supports. Another worker and I then picked the damn thing up and started to carry it away, but he tugged me unexpectedly, causing me to trip over a 2 X 4. The edge of the thing sliced through my arm. Pretty gross. About 5 inches of the muscle was hanging out of the gash. The torn supraspinatus was another story.

I’ll answer Mufasa’s question about Tim, too, since Tim doesn’t get to the forum too often. Tim is a tad over 6 feet tall, and he’s about as hard gainer as they come. In fact, he and I have similar stats. We’re both about the same height, and we both weighed 154 when we began. I weigh 230-plus now, but obviously, I aint’ anywhere near as ripped as he is!

JJ, I do on occasion – about once or twice a week – eat “off” my diet. A few years back, however, I used to go hog-wild every week to 10 days and eat everything in sight. I’m serious, I used to devour an entire half-gallon of ice cream in one sitting, then move on to whatever else suited my taste buds.

Nowadays, it's a different story. Instead of mega- bingeing, I simply eat until I'm satiated, and it's pretty "clean" foods at that. I just don't have out-of-control cravings anymore. I believe the biggest reason is, I make sure I get at least 30 grams of protein every two to three hours while awake. Since I've been doing that, my desire to pig out has gone to nil, literally.

Mufasa, I don't consider myself a hard-gainer. My problem, the reason I weighed 154, is stupidity. I've been training hard since I was in my early 20s. Back then, I weighed a fairly lean 210 to a not-so-lean 220. I was training about four days per week with basic exercises, using very high "perceived" intensity (going to at least positive failure on each set).

Then, this is no joke or exaggeration: I "discovered" Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden, Mike Mentzer, and HIT. I reduced my training frequency to three times per week, working the whole body each time, and doing only one set to failure of about 10-12 exercises. The result -- which can be attributed to nothing other than the training, because nothing else changed -- is that my body weight plummeted seemingly overnight to about 180... then to 165... and then on to 154. Yikes!

I knew better; I should have stopped this HIT experiment long before I lost the pounds. I just kept trying different things to get it to work -- but zippo, nothing but lost muscle. Finally, in the end, I had had enough "experimenting" and switched to something that I knew worked for me.

(One of the reasons HIT doesn't work for me is that just about every muscle group in my body has a fatigue pattern that indicates I possess a majority of fast-twitch muscle fibers.)

I'm not saying that HIT will cause everyone to look like a praying mantis, but it certainly is the sole cause of the incredibly-shrinking-Tim phenomenon.

Anyway, once I switched back to sub-failure training (still pretty darn hard, though) and moved more toward a conventional exercise protocol, I gained 45 pounds in about five months.

Tek, the only cardio I get is when I'm running away from the neighbor's Doberman. I abhor cardio for cardio's sake. I do, however, hike in our killer Colorado mountains on a regular basis, but that's purely for fun. Unless you have inherent CV problems, I don't like to see lifters doing cardio when attempting to get ripped. It, at least in my case, "eats" up way too much muscle mass.

As far as telling my secrets for getting super lean, sure, I'll do it. Just send $1,000.00 to... Nahhh, just kidding. Of course I'll tell everything I know that'll help you get that ol' bod' you're so dearly after. I'll more than likely go into detail in BTS, that's if I get enough readers who show interest.

Hopes this helps!

"Bad ass," huh? Thanks!

Tim, seriously that’s one pristine specimine of a physique you’re sportin’ cap’n. How in the hell did you get that perfect vascularity in the arms. I call a T-forum boycott if Tim doesen’t respond. Ok, even I can’t adhere to that, this place is like heroin…the good kind. IF there was one. My T-freaks will have to excuse me, I realized that taking two T2 capsules provides a kickass buzz and the energy is just static, all over all the time. Lata.

"MB Eric: Surmising that Vascularity=Popularity since 1804."


I’m Definetly interested. Please include your dieting details in your BTS column. Thanks Tim, it’s greatly appreciated.

One thing I’ve always considered when looking at someone’s physique is where they started. Let’s say a guy is 140, then he takes up weight training and adopts a good eating program. After years of busting ass in the gym he’s a lean 185. Great progress, 45 pounds of muscle.

Funny thing is, there are a lot of insecure people out there with “issues” who will dog the poor guy for weighing under 200. (In my experience, this type of dogging usually comes from fat guys who can’t get laid and overcompensate by being a gym bully or, more likely, an internet tough guy.)

I did a Guest Atomic Dog a while back about the T-mag staff and what they’ve overcome to get where they are today. I was floored by their stories. If you missed it, check it out in issue #143. Good stories there from your favorite writers and coaches.

Tim looks pretty impressive - actually reminds me of my arms! Similar thin skin look/etc. I seem to be able to get ripped everywhere but my abs! My abs are flat but a 4 pack is the most I’ve been able to show.

It’s pretty dayum clear by now that the T-mag staff is fo’ real! We’ve seen pics of Shugs, the goateed badass, TC, (aka Bill Walton) one hella huge mofo, my man Timmy P, (my namesake) sportin’ a crew cut like his boy Timbo and veins pumpin’ like ice cream at DQ…I’ve also seen JB, Cy and Johnny K, as well as some of the T-mag staff–who are some iconic mofos–in person at the Arnie. Dayum! is all I can say. It’s just so awesome to me to not only have access to this kind of info and experience, but to interact with these fellas on this forum…Shugs, JB, Johnny K, Cy are regulars, but we’re seeing mo’ and mo’ of TC and now even Timmy P! This is awesome…thanks, guys!

Tim, I guarantee that we T-peeps would definitely be down with you throwing in anything and everything in a BTS. That's really interesting stuff about starting out at 200 and plummeting to 154...I find myself in a similar sitch. I got my start about 4-5 years ago and made awesome progress at first...then after I went away to school (3 years ago) things have just been downhill from there (you may recall me from BTS 135 "Six-Foot and a Buck Sixty). But I'm movin' on up these days, thanks to my buddies on the forum and all you T-mag fellas.

I’d be interested in Tim’s cutting “secrets” too.

Where are the pics? I’ve been looking around but cant find any pictures.

Tim, looking good bro. I’d definitely be interested in knowing what you did to get so shredded. As that’s how I’d like to be looking too. Only, I’ll be working with a 5’4" frame instead of you and the other T-mag mofos who are walking around at 6’ or more! So post it up in BTS for us T-men! TC, looking good my man! I hope all is well with you, and I hope the pec tear is getting better! :slight_smile: