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Tim Ferris Blog: From Geek to Freak

Hye all!

Check out the blog of Tim Ferris. He wrote a book on maximizing personal/business productivity- The 4 hour workweek. Anyone read it?

He did old style (Arthur Jones style) HIT workouts and gained 34 pounds in 4 weeks -all by training a total of around 4 hours. The results are impressive-esp considering the time he invested in training.

He also trains in MMA.

Also, on a negative note read comment no. 34:

Kristina Says:

May 1st, 2007 at 6:31 am

You are obviously happy with your results, and that is what matters most. But, here is the opinion of one female reader: you looked better and cuter before :> And not at all geeky. Before you had a toned, nice soccer-player-type body. Now you have a slightly freaky and excessively buff meat- head-football -player-type body. I?m sure many women would disagee with me. But, it?s not a bad thing if you slide back toward self-proclaimed geekiness or if you land somewhere in the middle of freak and geek.

Sigh! If this is what she calls excessive buff/meat head wonder what she’ll think of the likes of Coleman.