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Tilting Foward on the Box Squat

If I tilt foward when I start to come back up from the box, then I need more work on my lower back? Right?


First of all, I’m no expert on WS/ boxsquat. I have only trained like that for a year.

Without seeing you it’s hard to tell. It’s most likely a technique problem. When you come off the box, what move first, hips or head?

If hips move first you’re more likely to tilt forward, make sure you lead with your head.

Have someone check out your form when you’re squatting or even better, take it on video, that way you can see for yourself where you’re going wrong.


Your lower back may be weak and causing you to come forward. It is hard to judge without seeing your form.

To me, it sounds you are trying to use momentum to get off the box. I see it all the time. The box squat is designed to hit your glutes and hamstrings the hardest. Make sure you have a wide stance. Meaning much wider than shoulder width. Point your toes forward and sit BACK onto the box. Your shins should be perpendicular to the ground. When coming off the box, squeeze your glutes hard first. This is where the movement should start. This will put the stress on the glutes and hamstrings. If you are coming forward and/or your quads are contracting first, you are doing it wrong.


I guess a couple questions come to mind.

  1. Is this a consistent problem or only one that occurs as weight increases. If you are doing speed work, what percentages are you using, or are you only using the box for repetition method or ME work?

  2. What do you have the box height set at. In other words, are you slightly above parallel, parallel, or below parallel. Be honest.

  3. How long have you been squatting? Both on and off a box. Do you have the same tendencies in your free form (w/out box.)?

This is gonna be tough to diagnose on the internet, but may give some important info. The problem you are describing, depending on how it manifests itself, is a great way to start ot incur injuries, so you need to fix it.

What’s up Whiddon?

Thanks for the help guys. Atfer reading your postsI think that my hips are moving befor my headwhich is causing me to squat with a little tlit foward. And I set the box about 2or 3in below just for fun.


Training is going good. Just did 520 at an IPA bench meet. I’ll put up pictures soon. When is your next meet?

Congrats on the 520. You’re making some solid progress.

I am looking at either early February or late March for the next meet. I am hoping to get my 220 qualifier this spring.

We have some lifters we are taking to Women’s Nationals early February, so a lot will hinge on that.

Get those pics up!