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Tilipia Everyday? Mercury?


can i eat tilipia everyday it has very low mercury copared to other fish its size.


Actually, it's about even. Note the asterik on tilapia and what it stands for:


And I'm throwing this in because it's a good read, just to go with my argument that you shouldn't really eat ANY fish EVERY DAY! (I also have a friend who died of mercury poisoning because his family made fish every night)



You are full of shit. Stop perpetuating bullshit media fear tactics and get the fuck off here forever. This has been discussed to death, fish simply do not have enough mercury to poison an average-sized adult, even if you eat it at every meal.


Seconded, the only way a healthy adult dies from Hg poisoning is by breaking a thermometer open and drinking it.


I highly doubt if your friend died from mercury poisoning it was due to fish consumption. The quantity of mercury in fish would take several years/decade to cause death even if you ate it everyday.

Actually drinking mercury from a thermometer is relatively harmless, so even that won't cause death.


Hmmmm... define "poison". A friend recently was diagnosed with mercury poisoning, i.e. his levels were high enough that medical treatment was necessary (although his life is certainly not in danger).

Guess where he got it from? Fish - eating anywhere from 10-14 meals of fish per week, for what may have been years (not sure how long, certainly his fish consumption in the few years I've known him was consistent with my above numbers.


I have been eating around 30-36 oz of Tilapia every day for a couple of years and nothing has happened yet. It cheap it's good, why not.


Media fear tactics? How is any of it media? Did you not read the sources? Why would you I stop posting here forever just because you seem to be as educated as a middle schooler? You can find studies all over on the mercury content of fish, and even TC and Shugs talk about how to get the levels of DHA/EPA you should everyday, fish would not be the best choice to get it from, hence products like Flameout, as well as the disclaimer that says "purified by molecular distillation and stringently tested for PCBs, dioxins, mercury, and other heavy-metal contaminates". Maybe you should do some research before you reply with such a hostile remark.


Im sorry if I didnt clarify, he also had been eating fish everyday for something like 20 years. And his mercury levels were through the roof...slow but painful, and a fucked up way to die if its COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. You fucking dicks...


Johnny Bowden stated that the benefits of fish in your diet outweight any cons -- that's good enough for me.

Seraphim -- I wish tilapia was cheap around here! Costs an arm and a leg, even at costco. That's what all the high-end BBs eat.