Tilapia Recipes?

I’m looking for some good recipes for Tilapia. I found some very cheap fillets, but when just grilled by themsevles taste like the lake that’s 10 minutes away from my house (my cat seems to like it fine though). Grilling is prefered, but stove/oven recipes will work too. Any ideas?

I usually eat tilapia 3-5 times a week when dieting, i get home late and have that with some brocolli. I simply cook the talapia in a pan with a tiny bit of oil, fresh squeezed lemon and some light seasoning. Amazing, my favorite easy dish.


I hope this link works. I tried this and it was fabulous!

This isn’t very elaborate, but here’s how I had tilapia last week (first time to have it!)

Cooked fish in toaster oven (handy little gadget)

Heated bag of frozen mixed veggies in pan. Added can of Rotel diced tomato/green chili mix.

Mixed it all together and topped it with extra hot salsa.

Made my eyes water and my nose run. Just right in other words!

This takes a little prep, I’m afraid, but it’s the only way to eat tilapia at the TShaw homestead (and one of the only things I make that guests have requested):

Olive oil on medium to low heat in a pan (oil shouldn’t smoke)

dust fillets in flour
dip in beaten egg with some lemon juice
dip in bread crumbs
place in pan

Turn once; only takes a few minutes per side.

Here is a super easy and tasty recipe I use all the time for Tilapia.

[center]Citrus Tilapia[/center]

Sear in hot pan when done take fish out of pan and add to pan:
1 Tbsp Olive oil
Juice of one lemon
Juice of one orange
Orange sections
Salt and pepper

Pour this over hot tilapia and serve immediately.

Serve with Black Beans or Green Beans

Mod Lisa Marie,
I’m trying that next time!

Wow, more responses than I expected. Some good looking ones too. I’ve got 7 fillets remaining, so I’ll try out all of the above. Chris’ sounds prtty good to me, I like a nice blazing fish.

Broil it 'til it’s a little crispy and add a squirt of lime juice and Frank’s hot sauce.