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Til the Casket Drops

Anyone else can’t wait for this release?
I though Road To Till The Casket Drops was pretty sick, especially tracks like The Haters Wish, So Fly (Now We’ve Had Her), and Pop Champagne.
Some of the best original rap in a while.

Not as impressed by I’m Good, but I did enjoy Kinda Like A Big Deal.

I was looking foreword to this but the first few songs I’ve heard off it make me think it’s gonna be a disappointment. Kinda Like a Big Deal sounded alright, but they did get overshadowed on their own track there IMO. I’m Good was awful to be honest.

I think Hell Hath No Fury is a classic, and Lord Willin’ is a very good album, but part of that was because the Neptunes came up with some great beats to match the styles of the Clipse; the partnership there is crucial. I know the Neptunes are producing a lot of the tracks on the album too, but I’m Good make me wonder whether Pharrell has the right idea for how the album should sound. And the fact that other producers are working on the album could be something to worry about unless the other producers are gonna work within a certain style of production. But Clipse may be trying to make a full on mainstream rap album, so I dunno, that’s not what I want from them nor do I think they’d be good at that kind of game.

Edit: I ought to take a listen to the mixtape you mentioned, however.

Road to… is actually my favourite album in a way. Had they not said it was a pre-release, no one would have noticed it wasn’t a fully produced album.