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TikTok is the Worst Social Media App

Hey I know those guys…

There are two more pop culture references in my post that you obviously missed.

I used to think I’d never lose all faith in young people, but you and the Tik Tok community have seen to it. May as well join Antifa now. Everything needs to burn.

I know that one!

I’m guessing

is the other one but I don’t know it off the top of my head.

No no no.

It’s a sad day when I constantly need to explain to young people that TK421 is the name of the Stormtrooper that Han Solo killed and whose uniform was worn by Luke Skywalker in Episode IV.

Hours gone almost every day because of this. At least I’m doing something useful with my sacrifice.


That was my second guess, and now that you say it, it sounds familiar. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Star Wars. My younger brothers would have caught that though.

I don’t particularly think TikTok is special. It just might put the stupid in your face a little more efficiently. I said in another thread the internet was a mistake.

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Well I found out what Tik Tok is by discovering instagram reels, which are apparently Tik Toks posted to instagram so people who don’t have Tik Tok can experience it.

In the span of only 2 minutes I was exposed to androgynous K-Pop beanpoles dancing about to what sounded like the Backstreet Boys in Korean, videos of food, Charles Barkley saying Chuck things, a man riding a bike with about 30 cellphones obstructing his view, some mumble rap, a jiu jitsu video that labeled a butt-scooting shin-to-shin entry as “fundamentals”, sand slicing, someone finding dentures on the beach, more video of food, really dangerous parkour, a big titty girl dancing around with no bra, more food, fishing with your hand, a man lifting weights, and I ended my brief odyssey by watching Larry Wheels eating a gigantic cheeseburger.


I guess you haven’t seen the new kettlebell swings on TikTok then?

No those didn’t come up. I quickly watched the next 230 videos and didn’t see anything like what you described. I only had five minutes to spare, I’m sure they’re on there somewhere.


It’s basically this, only the TikTokers aren’t boxers but roided 18 year old “fitness celebrities” and they don’t always successfully dodge the swinging kettlebell.

But according to my 16 year old nephew, “You just don’t get it because you’re old and senile”

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If one gets hit with a kettlebell doing this, well my former preschool teaching wife would call that “a natural consequence”

Edit: I am assuming these are the same guys who dry scoop pre-workout.


I HAVE seen something like this before. I was wondering why anyone would possibly film themselves doing kettlebell swings and post it to The Tick-Tock, but now it makes perfect sense.

Some of my more memorable jiu jitsu classes are when intense guys like that show up and get tooled on by a white belt who works in accounting.


Tik-tok takes the worst aspects of various social media outlets and appears to up the ante on idiocy ten fold.

Plenty of 14y/olds taking sarms, steroids and peptides and ADVERTISING their stacks/promoting various products to other kids on tik tok.

Fuck tik tok, it’s an obnoxious platform virtually devoid of music that I like dammit!

I just snort that shit like a real man.


Tbf TikTok is just the platform … the users are who bring the idiocy … maybe the younger generations are getting dumber?

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No. They are just getting rewarded for being dumb.


Bud Jeffries is on there doing Bud Jeffries things too.

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Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a loooong time.


I know nothing about Tik Tok but watch this:

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Well, nobody said it couldn’t be lucrative!