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TikTok is the Worst Social Media App

This may get heated so it’s posted in PWI.
I know social media is designed to keep one addicted and using the apps. I definitely use my fair share of YouTube (even have the ad free subscription) and use Facebook a lot since all my friends are scattered everywhere.
TikTok is where is draw the line. I don’t use the app but my wife does all the time without headphones around me.
I despise everything about that app. The short clips that are mostly pointless, the bouncing from random topic to random topic, that stupid voiceover lady’s voice, the fact that every single person now believes they have a “platform”.
YouTube videos take editing and work but anyone can throw up a dumbass TikTok and pass themselves off as whatever virtue signaling wannabe they pretend to be that day.
This app physically hurts me when I have to listen to it (literally causes headaches).

So I guess I am really just ranting here, but I really feel like TikTok is almost guaranteed to make us stupider. People already can’t think past surface level thanks to the internet and the way search engines function.
At least YouTube offers knowledge if one looks in the right places.

/end rant


I hate any noise coming from phones. It is much more distracting than other devices like TBs or sound systems.

Now that aside, TikTok is great if you want to hand over every single detail about your life to TikTok.


More reason to hate TikTok see screenshot:

Found screenshot on Facebook.

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Who are these “Beatles” fellows? Do they have any songs I might know?


Bonus: it lets the Chinese spy on your phone!


My kids are still (barely) too young for TikTok but my nephews showed me “lifting” videos on TikTok.

Holy crap.

It’s mostly roided 18 year olds (future Zyzz-es of a new generation, I suppose) doing weird, vaguely fetish-y stunts, followed by a little dance (?)

Dry scooping pre workout - little dance.
Drinking a vile shake with EVERYTHING - little dance.
Pulling a mediocre deadlift, insecure fake alpha male yelling - little dance.

I don’t know, I guess I’m too old.


Anti TikTok ?


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Heard “off” durrrrrrr

China just spoon feeding low IQ attention starved cretins. Social media will hasten our destruction by magnitudes


Yeah, I ignored that for the larger travesty.

Which one?

Almost all of them. I can give a pass on ELO but the rest of these are almost all in one music hall of fame or another or are headed there.


My 20 something co-worker was telling me to get on tik-tok… Let me describe this guy. He doesn’t speak in complete sentences, he mumbles, he jumps topics, his work ethic is low, I have the hardest time trying to understand any point he is trying to make… Basically, tik-tok is great for him.


We have to stop encouraging and enabling these non contributors …

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I quite enjoy the skimpy clothed 20-somethings doing skanky things


Good eye candy … But I can’t in good conscience help perpetuate that garbage


The AC/DC one is so bad given Australia was actually a mainstream haven to some pretty decent hard rock…

Fucking sick music skips a generation and now I have to listen to trap music and mumble rap all night

Tik Tok has a lot of this shit. Half of them are suprisingly open about it too “15y/O on sarms, 17y/O on tren” meanwhile I facepalm. The future cardiometabolic ramifications they’ll be dealing with down the line will probably be quite expensive.

Barring TRT at 21, I envision “sir, you have extensive coronary atherosclerosis and a moderately enlarged left ventricle”.

I’m going to take the stance of moral superiority and tell you why we need social media. Without social media, I wouldn’t able to detail the shape, consistency and texture of the waffles I had for breakfast! We need social media for very important people such as myself to bitch about my waffles while adding #freepalestine, #blacklivesmatter #bds #communism hashtags.

To note, I don’t use social media. Facebook for family and a little bit of Snapchat/instagram to contact friends from overseas. Aside from FB the rest are typically checked on a weekly/monthly basis.

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There is still some good music this generation but you have to go digging deep to find it.

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I HATE Tik Tok with a passion… as if we need another medium to help shorten attention spans…

Mum loves it (well, the Chinese version Bytedance) and it’s embarassing.
I’m extremely sensitive to sound and can’t stand the bursts of music or annoying autotuned voices. The auto repeat thing is also EXTREMELY irritating

Despite this, I do have to commend the app developers/execs though… well played… well played

I don’t have a Tim Tok but I have used it at work for snarky come backs to pointless questions.

Hey twojar, do you have the TPS reports on the TK421?

No, but I reached out to Lenny and Carl for those earlier.

Did you try calling them?

No, I sent them an interpretive dance video on Tik Tok.