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Tiki Barber Still Squatting 800...


This was in last month's SI:

On an early-spring Wednesday, sweating through a T-shirt, ignoring the blood on his palm caused by a popped blister, the 5'10" Barber displaces 1,100 pounds on the leg press machine, 800 on the back squat, 805 on the deadlift. He weighs 200 poundsâ??his former playing weightâ??and vows that he's never felt better.

I don't believe this crap...but SI is a respected mag. I'm not sure who they are trying to impress, though. NFL strength coaches will just laugh at this, and the average Joe probably doesn't know how ridiculous this sounds.

Is there any chance at all that he squats 800 even close to parallel at his age/size/mileage?


^and sorry if this is a repost...


It is, lol.



go die OP


Haha, bones you havnt changed




I thought this was going to be a joke about how despite being called on it and whatnot when the article was written Tiki is still claiming the numbers.

So disappointed.