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Tiki Barber Squats Over 900


During the Giants game today, one of the announcers mentioned that Tiki Barber "still squats over 900 lbs, and still does deadlifts..."

Anyone else hear this, or have any truth to it?


Amazingly, I just logged on to post about this same comment.

Anyway, if Tiki can squat 900 lbs I'm the virgin mary.

I swear you hear more ridiculous anecdotal nonsense regarding weight lifting and fitness than any other subject (other than, perhaps, sex).

Trust no one. Use common sense.


I'd be more inclined to believe he could leg press 900


www.si.com/workouts has Barber's workout on video. He leg presses the 900, but he still has a huge ass squat. (no pun intended). Certainly better than ol' Ron Mexico's 515 I think it was.


When I was playing ball my numbers were always greatly exagerated...not to the extent of a 900 pound squat though!

He's a powerful guy and I'm sure he has an impressive squat with all that explosive power.


Yea, the announcers often exagerate their numbers.
Yesterday during the LSU/Alabama game, the announcer said LSU's running back could bench press 600.

Like JMB said, use common sense.


Well, first: it was Brian Baldringer who said it. The guy is possibly the worst broadcaster in history.

But, when SI did an article about "workouts of the NFL" they mentioned that Tiki would do doubles at 750 on the safety squat (NOT the free squat.)


I was thinking the exact same thing about Baldringer today. He's horrible. Who is this guy? And why is he on my TV? He sucks and his partner is not much better. The NY market deserves better than these amateurs. Send them to Indianapolis or something.


They also had a picture of it, and his "safety bar squats" consisted of half squats off the pins. For the record, normal, below parallel safety bar squats are actually more difficult than regular squats.


Here is video of Tiki's workout. It looks like he is safety squatting 750 raw from pins slightly above parallel. Not a 900 regular squat but he certainly looks capable. Also LSU FB Kevin Steltz benches 545 according to Phil Steele's 2005 College Football Preview magazine.



I doubt it.I agree on the leg press thing.


God, how do these people get jobs doing this?

"We constantly try to shock the muscles," Shultz says. "Otherwise you become stagnant. And your muscles remember. You keep doing the same thing in the weight room, you're not going to improve. So we try to shock you every time."


he likes "the shocker!"

two in da pink, one in da stink.


I have seen some clips of ball players working out. And it is true, many of them never squat near parallel. It suprising how bad their form and technique is. None of their lifts would ever pass competition regulations. HOWEVER, there are plenty I have seen that can out-lift the best of the best!


The pic in SI looked like the safety bars only allowed him a few inch range of motion, not even near a 1/4 squat. More like putting the weight in his back just to feel how heavy it is.


am i the only one that happened to notice he's pulling himself up using his hands on the rack every time??? I know it might not look like much, but I guarantee it helps take some of the weight off his posterior chain.


Maybe Barber's trainer should join him!


Yeah, I have a safety squat bar and if used properly it is much more difficult than a straight bar squat, because the bar throws you forward and causes you to work your back extra hard. At least, that's when you use it while holding the yokes or freehanded (I only box squat).

I've done the free squats "Hatfield" style, where you hold onto the uprights and find that
A) your balance is considerably improved, making the lift easier
B) you can lean back more, enabling a much easier lift
and most importantly,
C) I can use about 250 more pounds than normal with the SS Bar if I hold onto/pull myself up with the power cage.

Tiki's strong, but that half-assed safety squat is not an impressive lift by any means. Plus the sled-running is stupid. He'd be far better off with training under someone else, but these guys get away with being genetic freaks. Instead of doing cheat squats, leg presses and sled runs he should be doing box/power squats, GHR, and plyo's or sled DRAGGING. The only thing good I see is the snatch grip DLs, but he's using 315 which is probably much more indicative of his actual strength. He's probably a 500lb squatter. The hype machine's cogs are in motion.


Its not powerilfiting form, but it still is impressive


You may all stop hating on Tiki now.