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Tijuana Questions


I'm going to Vegas this week and I'm thinking of visiting Tijuana while out there. Does anyone know how long it takes to drive from Vegas to TJ? Also, if you walk across the border are you close enough to local attractions, say....for example,......The farmacias? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx!


Quick Reply:

Driving distance: 347.3 miles

The amount of time it'll take depends upon how fast you drive.

When in TJ, stick with the taxi libre cabs (they're orange/white colored nissan's) and ask them to take you STRAIGHT to revolucion. If you know how to spot fakes you should have no problem getting what you've after.

Try doing a search on "TJ, Tijuana, and Baja" to find more info I might of left out.



Just came back from TJ. Revolucion street is your best bet. Plenty of pharmacies. They carry test prop and enanthe mix comes with 3 syringes 250mg ampules in each i brought the price down to $18.00, They have pre-loaded deca-durabolin I bargained that one down to $30.00 it comes with two 50 mg pre loaded syringes. They also carry preloaded sustenon which they will go no lower than around $30.00. Last but not least they carry HGH which is most expensive. For D-bol you have to go to vet pharmacies which there are a few they want $50 for a 100 10mg pills. Make sure you get your clomid, proviron, nolvadex, Hcg. whichever you plan to use. Hope this helps


6 - 7 hrs


Leaving in 6 hours. bump please!!


Well, I'm back from TJ. Everything went great. For those of you that replied to the thread and offered tips, Thanks. For those who knew things but didn't respond, Thanks for nuttin'!


What were you able to get your hands on at what prices?