Tightness On Front Of Shin...

Hey all, not sure what the muscle is called, but its the one that is on the front of the shins. At times mine are very tight, is there a stretch for that or is it something more serious that I need to get checked out? It just feels like a tight muscle but not more then that. Thankx in advance for the help.

how often does it happen? it could be a cramp…

Im not sure of the name but I know what one it is.

If it dont hurt I wouldnt worry that much about it. Thats just my opinion, though its highly likely im wrong!

But I will say that mine are usually always tight or even hard feeling to begin with. Thats mostly cause I jump rope a lot and scuba dive weekly. I noticed that muscle build up tremendously from kickin my fins!

[quote]swai wrote:
how often does it happen? it could be a cramp…[/quote]

It doesnt happen all that often, but when it does it will last for a day or two. And feeling like a cramp is actually the best way to describe it.

Anterior Tibialis (some also like those words reversed).

A good general stretch would be to stand facing a wall with your hands against the wall, point your toe, and gently press the top of your foot into the ground.

Do you run a lot?


lasts a day or two, hmm…

i do get that cramp-like feeling after running, but it only lasts maybe 10 minutes

maybe yours is just a more severe case?

my theory is that my tibialis is just weak and out of shape, and hopefully it’ll go away once i’m in better condition