Tightness in Throat and Dizziness after Shot

Hi all,

Do any of you ever get a tightness in your throat that makes you cough and feel slightly dizzy sometimes after your shot?

I did some research and it sounds like pulmonary oil microembolism (POME). Anyone else ever get these symptoms? I have mentioned it to my doctor and he hasn’t really responded to it so either he’s not listening, or it’s simply not an issue worth discussing.

It goes away after about 3-5 minutes and doesn’t happen every time. Happens with a small .15ml shot of Cypionate.



Sounds like you are getting it into your bloodstream. That or youre 1mg from hulking out. Where are you getting your shot?

This is rare. Sounds as though you have experienced it more than once? I would do your next injection in the doctor’s office to make sure there is no issue with injection technique. Another possibility is an allergic reaction and I’m leaning in that direction if you’ve experienced it multiple times, especially with a .15mL dose and I assume a 27-29g needle. I’m just guessing though. Get it checked out.

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So weird. Inject in the ass?

I take my shot SubQ. Worked great for 1.5 years. Last 3 months, I have hit this several times.

It has happened 5-7 times total. Each time, it’s a little of a whoa, stop, sit down, try hard to not cough, then it’s gone a few moments later and life is like nothing ever happened. The alarming thing was when I read up on it and it basically says this is no joke.

Interestingly, my SubQ shots have started to “bleed” almost every time now. I am wondering if I have developed permanent sores there and my body has grown blood vessels there and I am hitting them almost every time? It’s literally about 50/50 that I bleed now. I change location, side, high, low etc.

I used to have bad reactions to my Cyp when it was compounded in several things my body hated with a passion. Huge balls like golf balls and burning hot red swollen very large bumps. I changed to this pharmacy brand and never had it ever happen again. Only recently, this POME symptoms.

I am using 27g x .5 inch needles.

I actually used to do it in my ass all the time in the beginning. It wasn’t bad, but I got huge fucking whelts there. I then tried my quad and that was impossible. Changed to SubQ, took 15 days but my levels finally stabilized. I started to feel good all the time due to the slower release. I changed to EOD injections and was doing great for a long time. Last 2-3 months, hit this POME symptom shit 5-7 times. I am starting to think maybe I need to just literally stab myself on the sides or somewhere else for months and let it heal? It doesn’t hurt there, I see no bumps and doesn’t feel any harder than any other spot on my abdomen. So it’s not like I have some super hard callus there. I just notice that it bleeds so much more than it used to.

I can’t see how subq would cause an immediate effect to your body as stated. I mean it’s so much slower and it doesn’t absorb into the bloodstream right away.

This sounds like a mental issue. Just like when people pass out when giving blood. I think your brain is doing the same with T injections. Not sure what else it could be. You arent accidently hitting a vein.

What is POME?

If you are in the USA or europe go get some scrotal cream. make sure it has a HRT base. Take 1 click am and 1 click pm if you are taking around 150mg CYP. If you are taking 200mg weekly i would take 2mg am and 2 pm.

Some guys have had issues with the oil used in the cypionate. You can ask the pharmacy to try a different oil. Grape seed oil is usually the best option and has the least amount of issues for men.

Although im not sure how true any of this is. Its all just heresay. I do know for sure one guy had horrible anxiety and his life just sucked with injections due to the formulation of the cypionate he was taking. He switched to cream and he is extremely happy that it worked.

Good luck

I can assure you it’s not mental. I have zero fear of this stuff :). I also know exactly what blood looks like when it comes out and runs down my stomach and is deep red. It’s not in my head. Please look up what POME is from my first post as it describes exactly what it is and causes. I can assure you this is happening and don’t need anyone to tell me it’s not :). I do appreciate you trying to help though. Just better to not try to tell someone they have a mental issue when they don’t. It might actually make them believe they have a mental issue :wink: (just doesn’t work on me).

That is certainly what’s happening. when I pull out blood flows out and down my stomach. I also have blood just inside the tip of the syringe (removal needles) and on the tip of the needle.

Just so strange that I am suddenly getting this on my SubQ locations after so long of great success. I am kind of liking the suggestion of doing a shot in front of my Doc from High Pull to see if has a suggestion. I am injecting exactly as always but there’s an absolute change in my SubQ locations at injection points. I am also going to move away and inject somewhere else for a while and see if it heals up things that I cannot see beneath my man jiggle :).

Switch to IM im the VG and see if you get the same reaction. I started with 25g which is not smooth, then 27g which got better, now using 29g and its the best ever.