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Tightness in Achilles

I’m new to the forums here and I’d thought that I would start with trying to hear suggestions on how to loosen up a very tight Achilles Tendon on my left leg. The ROM is very limited because of this and it hurts my leg when I do sprints or jumps. I’d really like to know how to remedy this problem, as stretching and flexibility are not strong points of mine. Thanks.

I have this as well.

ice+warm water soaks

the stretch for this is

put your forearms on a wall and place your injured leg straight behind you
non injured leg is bent for support
press heel on injured leg into floor for a 30 count

I’d also suggest supplementing with fish oil to get rid of inflamation.

Theres a mobility thread that had some good vids posted in it for squat mobility… had some drills thats helped me with my tight achilles.

I’d find it and post it but im lazy… I think it was called old fart mobility or something, stickied too if i remember correctly.