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Tightness Behind Right Knee

I was doing hamstring curls on Monday 5/15 and noticed when I stood up from the machine, I felt a crazy amount of tightness in the rear part and maybe a little bit below my right knee. I think I was being a little overzealous on the hamstring curls. I didn’t notice anything while I was doing the exercise, only when I stood up after it.

There isn’t much pain, just a lot of stiffness. Now it is Wednesday 5/24 and the tightness isn’t noticeably better.

Sometimes there is noticeable pain. Towards the end of my backpacking trip last weekend, the pain was somewhat significant. But that was after marching the majority of 20 miles through all kinds of bad terrain.

But the discomfort is what bothers me more than anything. The rear of my knee feels like pulling an inelastic rubber band every time I stand up straight.

When I sit or lie down I don’t feel the tightness, only when I stand on it and mainly when it extending the leg, not retracting.