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Tightening Voting Laws


So who's against showing a valid ID in order to vote?


Fuck , I will bite , :slightly_smiling:


I wonder how much of this back lash is manufactured by those right wing wackos and if there is a true back lash how much is due to the partisan bickering that is so pervasive in today's American politics


You gotta love Clinton in the article, claiming that making people show their ID would disenfranchise people from voting. No asshole, how dare we ask that you prove who you say you are, and that you have a legal right to vote.


Aren't you supposed to show your voter registration card anyway? So what's the big deal about whipping out your ID along with that?


Right, exactly. Not to mention you have to show your ID to get into a bar, or if you get stopped for speeding, or if you want to buy cigs, or if you want to purchase a gun, or porn, or go to a strip club, or a million other things. Don't we think voting the next leader of the free world is a bit more important than cigarette puchases?


For all the impact it has on your life, it really isnt.


I don't know....some people think those things are WAY more important than electing the leader of the free world.


I'm for gettting rid of as many barriers to vote as possible. I want people voting who have no ID. I want illegal aliens voting. I want people to be able to vote by computer. I want inner city people who can barely write their own name or speak to voting. And I especially like it when union thugs surround voting places and intimidate those who hold a different view.

I am a democrat and I stand proud of what I've done to this country and want to keep on doing it!

*This moment of satire has been brought to you by ZCF (Zeb Conservative Fund).



This is seriously why we need to tighten voter laws and requirements.



You must be waiting for that "Obama money" that comes from "his stash."


Democrats in Philly, Chicago, Miami, and Houston won't be allowed to vote 10-15 times like they typically do.

Vote fraud correction would have flipped PA to McCain in the last election (not that that would have mattered, he sucked so bad) and cost the Democrats several house seats and maybe a Senate seat.


Just imagine what it would have done in California, where you have about 5 Million illegal aliens.

The only people who would be against voter ID would be those who intentionally plan on violating the voter laws...this means Democrats.


So with the acid test of T-Nation, I take it we are all in 100% to show ID to vote?

Any Objections?


Yes, because he just has it there, tucked away. It's not like any of us who work hard and are over taxed have to pay for that fat woman to lie around all day collecting welfare. So it actually works out quite well.....for her.


No objections the motion is passed.


Hey, the motto of Chicago is "vote early and vote often"! Do you know how many dead people have voted in Chicago elections? Without them, we wouldn't have the great city we have today!


Bragging about democrats and their voter corruption? Nice.


She was being sarcastic.



I'm sorry. Should I have put a "/sarcasm" for you? Or a "This moment of sarcasm brought to you by the Grneyes Sarcasm Commission"?