Tightening up?

I have been working hard the past few months and got my bodyfat tested today using a 7 site caliper test (6’ 175 pounds 33" waist) and was 5%, so I was quite happy, unfortunately I used to be quite fat (5’ 9" 220 pounds 40" waist), unfortunately I still have some loose skin around my abdominal area, I can feel a sixpack underneath and the outlines of a 4 pack are visible, but I really want to get tight now to show off my muscles, is there anything I can do, as my back, legs and arms are quite tight. Thanks for any help.

don’t wanna burst your bubble, bro, but there’s no way you’re at 5% if you can only “see the outline of a 4-pak”, and you’re 175 at 6 feet. My guess is more like 10 to 14%
Of course, you may just have a really weird bodyfat distribution pattern, but you’d be RIPPED TO THE BONE at 5% (that’s what BB’ers compete at).
good luck,

If it’s truly loose skin from being fat before, then the answer is surgery. Sorry, but that’s the truth. I think it’s called abdominoplasty. Yes, it’s possibly to have very low bodyfat and ugly flabby skin from being obese before. I have a bit myself, though not enough to think about going to a plastic surgean. Sucks though.

I tend to agree with the above. Whoever measured your skin folds seems to have underestimated your BF%. A 34" waist makes it very difficult to have a % this low at any weight.