Tightening Up Loose Spots

Hi All,

I am a new member on these forums. I just started working out seriously six months ago after losing about 80 pounds. I have really been trying to tighten up all the loose spots on my body. I think all of those years of being heavy made my skin loose elasticity? Just wondering if anyon could share some advice or pointers. Im also working on my lower ab region. If anyone could give assisstance I would greatly apprciate it.i usually do split work outs as well…

21 male
185 pounds
work out 5-6 times a week. I run 2.5 miles before work out.

Diet Example.Breakfast
1/2 cupWhole wheat oat meal
EAS low carb bar


turkey Sandwhich on whole whaet bread
Little amount of green grapes

VPX Micellean Protein 40g

Half chicken breast and carrots

Before Bed
VPX Micellean 40 g

Thanks for any feed back

I am in the same boat. I lost a good amount of weight, am now pretty damn lean (sub 10%), and have some loose skin around the midsection. I think the best way for me to tighten this up is to add some lean mass, so that’s what I am doing. I increased my kcal (mostly with quality proteins and fats), and do a massive carb load after my 6th workout day. I think I’m in store for some good results. Oh, I am also taking Hot-Rox while doing so, to help me maintain the leanness as much as possible.

Oh, I forgot to say: good work with the weight loss!

Great job on the weight loss man! One thing though, I heard runing after a weight training session burns more calories.

not about tightening your loose spots, but, are you using vpx protein after workout? i dont know if that is good since its mostly casein (slow) protein… try Surge (or your own mix of whey…)

peace, welcome, and good job!

Thank you all!, SRow, on my sixth day I have a cheat day where I load up on carbs. Also I heard it was bad to run after workouts but I will definately try it to see what results I get. Would any of you guys know of a good lower chest work out to help tighten that up. Thanks for all your help…


I have to ask why you come to the Biotest website asking for advice when you don’t even use any of their products? Just curious.


My friend refered me to this site so I thought I would check it out and it seem to have great advice. I have been looking at their productgs and will most likely be picking up surge and Ho Rox pretty soon after reading about them and getting feedback from users.

You don’t have to use the products from biotest to get advice here, or at least that’s how I feel. Although I do recommend using biotest products. It took me awhile before I bought my first bottle of surge and damn the stuff is good.

For one I’d recommend acheiving and then maintaning sub 10% bf levels for a lengthy period. The loose skin is often a result of yo-yo dieting or just a life of overweigth. You can’t expect the sking to pick up a few weeks after dropping the weight.

Also, HOT-ROX or Red Bands which are better bang for buck in my opinion will of course help, but again I think consistency in your physique over time will solve this.


Didn’t mean to bust your chops about the Biotest products, but I think you’ll be real happy with them once you give them a try.

And WELCOME to T-Nation. There’s lots of good advice in the thousands of articles and also here on the forum. Your friend sent you to a gold mine of information and a great support team. Enjoy.


Hey No Problem, I have been asking around and reading up on Biotest products and they seem great. As soon as I run out I am going to pick up some Biotest products. Thank you for the welcome, I am very glad my friend turned me on to this place I can already see it is a wealth of information with people who are willing to help me out.