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Tightening Loose Skin


currently on a cut and now sitting at 9.5%(7 site calliper). umbilical is at 13 tho and cant see any abs. wondering what people find best to tighten loose skin?


Wait...you are claiming to be 9.5% body fat as a total reading?

If you can't see your abs, maybe your reading is wrong, maybe you are still too fat, or maybe you aren't carrying enough muscle overall to look good at a lower body weight.

What are the rest of your stats and how much weight have you lost?

Why avoid giving this info without being asked?


firstly yes 9.5 total. secondly its not wrong, done twice by a biosig practitioner. currently 95 kg at 6ft.
went from 97kg at 13.6 percent.
for me its a problem that my bodyfat lingers on my umbilical no matter what i do. everywhere seems to shoot down when i diet.
19yo also


so your 6' and 215ish lbs @ 9.5%BF and cant see any abs???

I'm 5'11" and 212lbs in my avatar... im probably 12% there I'd guess(i could care less about an actual %)?

So we are pretty much the same size and leanness but you have no abs? I dont buy it brah


Seriously, no disrespect man, but no way you're under 10% and can't see anything. Even when I consider myself 'fat' in the offseason, I can still see the little boxes peeking through (something that makes my girlfriend absolutely crazy I might add). People need to harp less on magical formulas and figures and just look in the mirror and be honest with themselves. Even if you were a hair under 10%,and you couldn't see your abs, it's not loose skin bro, it's fat.



Your upper abs can even be visible at 15%.


You lost 5lbs and think you have loose skin? come on man


I've decided that I really don't think people should ever try and calculate their body fat%
I don't see the point. Just use a total of all your skinfilds and try and decrease that, if you can't see your abs then you need to lose some fat. Unless you were on the biggest looser your not going to have that much skin that you cant see abs a 10% BF.

Unless you have a somewhat anorexic mindset and you actually do look quite lean. Maybe some pictures would help.



Everytime I've seen my biosig guy he does a 10 site. That's Poliquin standard not 7.

Also he would tell you your cortisol is out of whack, not loose skin.



Im going to have to agree with some peeps here.

BUT in response to the actual question if anyone else is curious:

A guy i chat with often poses in a sauna to help dry himself out leading into a competition. Im not too sure of the particulars, but he was saying this is a useful trick for bigger guys dropping a bit more weight. Especially for newer people reaching for competition level, it helps adapt the skin to become thinner, as your body is used to retaining that water. He was saying its a process, starting weeks before a competition, that helps in pulling out water in the reticular layer of the Dermis. Doing it once or twice wont do jack since you will simply replenish that water when you get a drink, but performing the process (Along with OTHER taken steps) can help dry one out.


^^I dont know about saunas but I did this body wrap thing one time. It was two years ago and my girlfriend got us this couples package thing. They rub this stuff on you, wrap you up in a space blanket and then some plastic and you just chill there and its supposed to do some stuff and make you look and feel more awesome.... Well it worked. I definitely looked better the next day. it was pretty cool.

Anyone know anything about that? or have any experience with that?


That's cool... but something's off with the OP.

I know skinny fat guys at 9% who have a full 6-pack, so how the OP doesn't see ANY abs at all is strange.
Unless he has a different definition of "seeing abs".


Someone who is truly 9% body fat and has a full six pack is not "skinny fat". They might be twigs though.


I say skinny fat because all he does is train arms.
That's not weight training to me, therefore, I call him skinny fat.


lol sure I just don't understand how someone who is lean enough to have a 6 pack can be labeled as "ski***-FAT".


It's not loose skin. Loose skin does not affect a caliper reading. I do calipers for a female friend with a LOT of loose abdominal skin (caused by pregnancy). You can pull it far out from the body because it's loose, but 2 layers of skin has the same thickness no matter how loose or tight it is. She's had readings like 3.5 or 4 mm, but no abs showing. I assume that's partly because her abs are thin, but mostly because in the EXACT places where the lines in the rectus are, there is more fat than in the place the reading is taken for the BF test (navel and near the hipbone). The places chosen for BF% calculations, which are regression formulas, are LESS variable between individuals, while other places are MORE variable.


Man I need to get me one of these "10 Site" BF% measurements, I got mine measured at a military gym and it was like 3 or 4 sites and she said "8.5%, nice job"

I was definitely flattered but I'm pretty certain it was inaccurate and a few off, probably closer to 10-12%.

The 10 site is probably gonna freak me out of my "bulk" and send me into "frantic cut" mode. lol

ps. before anyone wastes their time mentioning it, it'll take more than a higher BF% to pull me out of this heavenly land of eating steak, milk, etc. every day like cows were fallin off the face of the earth.


you should probably go straight into 'frantic cut mode' right now... just to be safe


damn you're right, brb, elliptical.


^^Hahaha "BRB, elliptical" lol Classic!