Tightening calf muscles

I was wondering what you guys would do if your calf muscles wobbled when you walked. They’re pretty huge and strong, I just don’t like how my calves jiggle every step I take. I’ve got a little loose skin/fat there, but mostly I think the muscle just needs to be hardened. The question is, do I do real heavy training for them or do I do tons of reps? Also, I’m thinking about doing toe lifts to make the front part of the lower leg look more cut… the question is will this tighten up my calves? Thanks, just felt I had to ask because I damn sure don’t want to do anything that will make them wobble even worse.

I do toe lifts and I like the look it gives to the lower legs. As for tightening up the calf muscles, I tend to believe heavy weights work better, perhaps 4-5 reps. Higher reps may build mass better at certain stages of training, but it tends to be soft, pendulous mass, I think.

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