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Tighten Skin?

I lost about 70 pounds over the course of about 5 months recently. I’ve been training for close to a year, and thanks to good genetics have great results everywhere except my “love handles” and lower belly due to remaining fat and maybe a little skin.

I was wondering what exercises would really target my whole lower torso and maybe build more muscle to fill out the space and tighten the whole area? I’m 18 YO btw

First of all congratulations on the weight loss! W00T! Second what you need is a total core routine, not just to hit the abs. There is TONS of articles and past discussion here about that. Use the tnation search. You will probably hit pay dirt in minutes.

That last little paunch can be really stubborn, and so just escalate the work outs to get past that last mile and add the core stuff and you will get that stuff gone.

as far as loose skin goes, that’s another matter. from what i hear, depending on how bad it is it may not ever tighten back up all the way. But I also heard once that if you loose the weight slowly it will go back eventually.

also diet tweaks work wonders. That six small meals a day thing is the shit. Once you get started it works like a charm.

There have been some threads regarding this subject before. Build some muscle around the core area, and give it time. Eventually, the body will adapt and the skin will be drawn in. This can take up to several years, but you said you have good genetics, so you hopefully don’t have to wait that long.

Congrats on the weight loss, what did your diet look like to lose all that weight?

congrats on the loss.

Hit some big exercises (squats, deads and the sorts). That will help get the core nice and strong. Build you that big solid muscular core which will fill in some of that loose skin.

You can’t spot reduce-doing sit ups till you are blue in the face won’t reduce abdominal fat. I couldn’t figure out if that is what you were asking, or if it was that you wanted to increase the size of the abdominals muscle to fill in the loose area. So no offense if i’m telling you stuff you already know.

Lastly, after a big weight loss, sometimes its better to stay at maintenance/ever so slightly above maintenance and lift hard for a bit before going after that last little paunch. Alot of people get overzealous after losing a ton of weight to get that 6pack and get drastic and end up losing muscle and still no 6 pack. I think it was shugs who talked about set points in one of his skinny fat stories (or I could be making a connection thats not there).

But anyways-in a simplified and easy to think about way-your body likes equilibrium- if your 250lbs your body likes it there, so when you lose weight your body starts to worry and go back to its nice equilibrium it was set at. But if you maintain at a new weight for a while your body starts to recognize that as the setpoint and then you hit it with another cut.

Just my 2 cents. Whatever you decide tho, be proud of what you accomplished so far- 70lbs is a nice feat.