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Tight Traps, How Do I Stretch Them?

^ Title, I feel them uncomfortably when I do crunches

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Are you sure it is your traps that are tightening when you do crunches? In most people it is just the neck extensors (the muscles along the spine) that tend to be active. If the traps were contracting it would cause your shoulders to come up near your ears.

It really feels like my traps but since the neck and traps are so intertwined and heavily connected there is the slight possibility that I may be mistaking activation within the rear musculature of my neck for activation of the trapezius although I highly doubt this. From my knowledge and experience about my body and from what I see and feel my upper traps do seem quite tight, specifically the upper trapezius so regardless of whether I felt my neck or traps while training my core, I still need to release tension within my trapezius.

The articles that Boffin had linked were associated with the stretching of the neck, not the upper trapezius. I have tried those stretches but as briefly and previously afore-mentioned the release, the stretch, was associated with the neck, not the trapezius. If anyone would have any other suggestions do not hesitate to post them, thanks :slight_smile: