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Tight Thighs/Lower Back


So, I'm a beginner lifter. I've been experiencing tightness in butt/ thighs/ and lower back--makes it really uncomfortable to walk. I've also noticed that I'm squatting a lot and my quads have gotten a lot bigger...Is it possible I'm overdoing it on the squat and not doing enough deads/ lunges etc? I'm doing deadlifts at every training session, but they're still more of a grip and upperbody workout for me.

Or...maybe I just have tight hips in general and I need to do more yoga.

Would appreciate some help


hey man, good on your for reaching out, and welcome to the world of iron... we've been waiting for you.

I can say with quite a bit of certainty that you have some tight hips.

Try this warm up before you train, preferably daily, and try it after you read this, you should get immediate relief. It's not just for the hips, it's more of an all around warm up, and it's excellent.

also, I would make a slight change in programming and deadlift once a week instead of every day. Deadlifts are very taxing, and you'd be much better off in terms of progress to use that time squatting.

If you're open to it, why don't you post your routine, and I'll take a look at it, and make sure it's balanced.

Hope this helps.


^^^Why have you waited 7 years to start posting? You are one of my favorite posters on this site now.


Thanks for the comments

Squats x5
RDLs x5
Bulgarian Split Squats x3
Overhead Press x5

Decline DB tricep extension x3
EZ-bar curls x3
Chin-ups x3
Farmer's walk x2


Squats x5
RDLs x5
Lunges x3
Bench press x5

Cable triceps extension x3
Hammer curl x3
Chin-ups x3
Shrugs x2


Squats x5
RDLs x5
Leg curls x3
Overhead Press x5

Weighted Dips x3
Zottman curl x3
Chin-ups x3
Reverse curl x2


Thanks for the positive feedback man, and I've enjoyed all of your posts that I've come across as well.

Take care my friend


Now when you say RDL, do you mean Romanian deadlift? Are you doing it like this?

If you are good, if you're doing them from the floor, stop.

I would just do the romanian deadlifts on wednesday, and nix the other two days and see how that goes.

Other than that, I'd say it's a really solid balanced beginners program. Stick with that, and you'll be a happy guy.

Once you get your hips back in order, feel free to add in the RDL's, but go light and focus on proper form, if your back ever loses it's arch then you've gone too heavy.

Feel free to ask any other questions at all.

And also feel free to post videos of your form, I'd be interested in having a look, especially your squat.


Yes, I'm doing RDLS.
Sounds good. Thanks again!


no problem friend


Larry I noticed that his program is completely lacking any direct core training. Core training for me is a 3x week must for back and hip health. Would you recommend he start core training as a begining lifter or wait until wait his lifts get to bigger numbers? I am a big believer in core training and I would def add it to his program now but would like to hear your input on this.

You may have just not noticed his lack of core just like I did until I re-read the post several times, lol.


No man, you're more than right... I just personally rarely do core work myself... mostly as it's just not a weakness for me, but I need to get back into the habit.

I don't have the best recomendations for core, what would you suggest? It will give me some ideas on how to get back into it.


I actually do a core workout at the end of every workout


Good to hear cliff45.


Not to hiJack the thread but 15 months ago I broke my back. Coming back has proved a little challenging. I pulled a 435lbs a few weeks ago without injury. However that is still a very low pull for me. I am having to relearn to deadlift because of some nerve damage and I lost a little mind to muscle connection. Through this whole process and frustration I noticed that when I would hammer my core, my lifts took big jumps up. Like 20 lbs here and there. I know that some of this is muscle memory coming back but I know much of it is due to bringing my core and pelvis up.

I do: Standing rope crunches with cable or bands
Hanging leg raise, knees up or feet straight
Good Morning as heavy as I can go (but I sit on a flat bench and do them for safety and pain factor for me)
Reverse hypers (with bands)
Pelvic bridging or tilts with heavy dumbell or barbell across stomach. I know it looks gay but I got to do what works.
Planks all kinds for time
Ab fall out with straps
Spread eagle sit ups

Nothing new or fancy just stuff that works for me.


good man


Holy shit man, that takes a ton of tenacity to come back from, big time respect.

Thanks for posting your core routine, I mostly stick with sit ups on the gh raise and side bends... I don't get too fancy myself. I actually hit all my best lifts beltless, and I just find I get enough core work from working the lifts, but I think I can be better if I put some time into it.

Thanks for the motivation to get better.


Yeah I probly over do it, but in the back of my mind the more is better thing for safety for me(paranoid). Im sure in 6 months I can scale the core work back a little. Some guys cores are just stronger than others and need less core work. My goal is to have a 1400 raw total March 1st, if I can do that, I think I can say Im recovered.


I am coming back from a muscle strain in my lower back , I know not near as serious as your injury but I have been trying to do more core work to keep myself from getting injured again and I'm trying to get up to and past my pr of 551, so basically thank you for that routine I will start trying out more movements to build up my core.


Do the RDLs really strict and light for awhile. Do it around your house with no weight or something light. Really focus on feeling it in your hamstrings.

I've always had tight hamstrings and could never quite bend my back parallel to the ground without rounding my back a ton. The RDLs are helping a lot recently.


I would more than agree my friend




I should have added that it took 7 years for me to get to the point where I felt giving advice was appropriate and I had some idea what I was walking about