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Tight Sore Hip


For the last 2-3 days my right hip has been fairly sore & tight.

The problem is I can't seem to "find" it and stretch it out.

The tightness/discomfort is in my rear right hip, sort of towards the top of my glute but deeper.

I've tried a piriformis stretch (sitting, right foot on left knee, bend towards the knee) but either I'm doing it incorrectly or that's not it. No luck with glute or hammy stretches either.

Any ideas?


Could be an SI Joint disfunction. Is it only to one side or is it both sides? Also, what triggered it? What workouts were you doing around the time that it started bothering you? Anything in particular that makes it feel better or worse?


Thanks for your reply.

I didn't have an obvious trigger or anything .. it came on as part of DOMS and hasn't left yet.

I'm doing CW's Big Boy Basics.

Last one a few days ago was upper body 3x8 and one 2 days before was lower 3x8.

Lower body I did step ups and RDLs each paired with ab work and everything felt fine - except now that I think about it my lower back felt a tiny bit iffy towards the end of the leg raises.


Sorry guys, I have no ideas either, just a similar complaint. I have just started ATC squats about a week ago, since my season just ended, and my left hip has been feeling shitty.

I haven't been doing that much weight until I get the hang of it, but my form has been pretty narrow with feet pointed slightly outward at an angle so I can squat full and deep to the floor. Ever since then, my hip has been killing me, and my good one too (I've had surgery on the other one). Any ideas?


Is it only to one side or is it both sides?

How is your flexibility with your hip flexors, quads, glutes, and hams?

Is the pain around the same area as the dimples that some people have in their lower back?

Any pain in the center of one of your glutes or any shooting pain down your leg?


How is your flexibility? So the pain is running down the medial part of your leg or the lateral part of your leg? Just a little confused on that part.


If you were a runner, I'd say you have ITBS.

I assume that you are not a runner (or have been running more recently)?


Then I wouldn't be suprised if you've tweaked your IT band.

Google ITBS and/or contact a sports physician.


I found a good stretch of the hip flexors prior to doing squats has relieved my hip & joint pain. Don't know if this'll work for you, but....



The Lazy Man's Guide to Stretching

Common Orthopedic Inflexibilities


I agree that you have some ITBS going on. Best course of action would be to remove any pain you have going first. Recommendations I have are getting a foam roller and doing some myofascial release over the ITB with it. It's gonna hurt like hell, but you will feel a lot better afterwards.

Another thing you can use that I have found to work great is a froze bottle of water. Fill up a 20oz water bottle with water and freeze it and use that in place of the foam roller for the myofascial release. This way you get the benefits from the massage/release and the ice.

Like you've determined, you have tight Adductors, so you will want to stretch those, but also try strengthening your Abductors.

Make sure to work your hip flexor flexibility as well. I was having a similar problem with pain over my ITB while squatting and after I started working on some Hip Flexor flexibity and concentrated on not letting my knees bow in during my squats, the pain went away.

Try doing a couple sets of OH Squats with just the bar to get some dynamic flexibilty going with your hip flexors (which is what I did and helped me alot). Also, don't ditch the MM stuff at all. You want to keep your whole hip complex flexible and strong, so continue using all of those exercises as well.

Best of luck.