Tight skin....

Ok T-men hear me out on this one…do any of you notice that after a shower your skin is real tight to your muscles? I am more than happy with the way I look after a shower, however when I wake up or in the middle of the day, my skin is looser and I appear much less lean. Does this have anything to do with my body comp. or is this very commen across the board?, this effect is very noticable with my chest and nipple area…any insight would be appriciated…and is there any way to have this look all of the time…thanks T-men

I doubt that the shower has anything with your “ripped” look other than that it probably coincides with a time of the day when you are the most dehydrated. After a meal high in sodium or carbs, you tend to put on water weight and that usually gives you a puffy appearance. A way to verify that is to note the color of your urine. When you are dehydrated (right after your shower I presume), the color tends to be darker. I found that I’m my leanest-looking in the morning and in the early evening before dinner.

I too have looked much leaner after a shower. I attribute this to the fact that i take hot showers and it probably has a steamroom effect (getting rid of water under the skin). The hot water also greatly enhances vascularity.

Dhydration definitely makes you look leaner. A hot shower also reddens the skin a little so that may make you look extra ripped. I’ve just started tanning again and it makes me look a lot leaner.

My skin feels tight and my muscles feel very full after a good meal. Usually after lunch and dinner, I will feel lean and tight. It’s a great feeling. Only wish it would last 24/7.

Thanks for the insight guys, I think the best way do describe what I am talking about is that my tie-ins between my pecs are very prominent, but there is more muscle and fat on my outer pec. I am a lean 165 but but chest is too big…and not in a good way…after a shower or when it is cold my nipple is about the size of a penny and my chest looks right, but any other time my nipple is a little puffy and my chest does not look right…any more insight on this. Maybe a sugesstion on specific training to change the apperence. It is hard to explain but I would almost like to flatten the chest a little…(not possible I’m sure)…thanks T-men

Mike, I have a similar problem around my nipples. When I get cold or my skin is “tighter” it looks fine. But when it’s relaxed, my nipples poke out a bit. I think it’s because I have some extra fat in there. Almost like a natural case of gyno that happened when I was younger. It seems to get better the leaner I am.

Thank Nate Dogg…it sounds like you know exactly whatI am talking about…

Nipples are erectile body parts and are capilliary-dense. Like your penis, they will ‘shrink’ when exposed to colder temperatures.