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TIght Right Shoulder



I have a tight right pec(minor)/lat/maybe upper trap and a stretched/weak lower trap on the same side. This imbalance makes it impossible to keep my shoulder retracted and depressed during benchpressing. My benchpress is crazy asymmetric because of this, and it also makes on wrist fall back to compensate for the difference in "arm length".

Does anyone have a this or a similar problem and actually got rid of it?

My right pec major is visually larger than the left one, and the right arm is also stronger in tricep isolation movements.


You probably should take some time off from bench pressing which probably keeps reinforcing the problem. Start with some basics like keeping your shoulder retracted and depressed when not bench pressing. Retrain your weak muscles with isolation movements and then with dynamic movements. Soft tissue work on the tight muscles followed by static stretching. Then strengthen the weak muscles. If it's lower traps, I think some wall slides and prone Y's should help.

Can you retract and depress your shoulders during pushups?


That was the first thing that I wondered. Push ups would probably be a better alternative over bench as well.


I think I have something similar that I've been working on correcting for the last month and a half. It wasn't until yesterday that I noticed a visible difference in my right and left pec. It seems to be slowly getting better. I stopped doing shrugs altogether and only now am I doing them again with light weight. The prone y's and wall slides should help a little...but I'm guessing you have a lot more issues that need to be corrected. You might be interested in taking a look at the 'neanderthal no more' program...


Learn about "self myofascial release" and then start practicing it regularly. It could change your life, it did mine.



Any shoulder pain when you wake up on it or sleep on the affected side?