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Tight Quads After Low Back Work

Happens occasionally, but not this bad. Monday morning I was doing banded reverse hypers. A few minutes after finishing, my low back tightened up as well as my quads. I could barely walk, couldn’t stand up right, and only felt better when lying down.

I’ve been working on stretching a lot more recently, really focusing on low back and quads, but it was the strangest thing. Has happened one other time a few years ago back in college.

Any idea what the root cause my be and a possible fix?

I have no good advice to give, just wanted to tell you I can relate to the lower back tightening up. Its honestly one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever felt haha. Does the tightness go away though?

Yeah. Takes about 30 minutes before i’m loose enough to move freely. Can’t even do any stretching when it flares up. Just have to lay down and hope to not pee my pants.

try some glute and core activation work

Thanks. I’ll look into some.