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Tight psoas and lower back pain.


I've always have some random lower back pain, I usually notice it after some random activities like moving stuff, workout, shopping... and It will heal after one or two week. I've been not doing back squats and deadlifts for two years because my school doctor and some chiropractors told me not to, due to my lower back problem.

Recently I transfered to a new school and I had this lower back pain again. This time my school doctor checked me and said it's just a very tight psoas. He thought my lumbar spine is good and should have no problem to do squat and deadlift if I stretch my psoas regularly. He refered me to a physical therapist just to double check it, my appointment is in next week.

I hope what he says is true. But wtf with those previous diagnosis, they've totally ruined my lower body training for two years...


This is one thing that scares me about having to deal with some kind of injury. If you decide to seek paid help, you generally dont know how ..good.. the person helping you is , and if you are given the wrong information it can screw you hard-core style.


This may sound a little crazy... But are you a tall individual?

I personally am 6'5 and have had some issues with a tight psoas, despite tons of stretching.
Here's where things get a little wild: I've found that the best way to loosen up the psoas (if you've already stretched them) is by training neck extension (i.e. bringing your head back). The body has some unbelievable connections with regards to fascia, and this has been the only way to consistent keep my psoas at a healthy length.

Try adding some neck extension training 2x a week into your program. Tall individuals are especially weak in this area, though most people could use some additional training here.

Like I said, it may sound crazy, but it won't hurt to give a shot!



Lower back pain does not mean 'problem.' Food for thought.

I agree with Field: depending on your PT's training you may be told you have some scaring sound stuff to justify you coming back to 'get fixed.' Chiropractors are really good at this.


Thanks, hungryone. I'm not tall (5'10'' or 178cm). But I do have weak neck extension muscle due to bad posture. I guess because tall people usually look down so they tend to have poor posture? I was an average guy with tall guy's posture, trying to fix it for a long time but my head still unconsciously move forward when I do not focus on my posture.

I'll definitely try cuz it's an obvious weak point I've spotted but just never really paid attention to.


Yes, tall people usually deal with this issue because they're always looking down!
3-4 sets of neck extensions 2x a week should do the trick.

Lay down face first on a bench with your head hanging off. Place weights on the back of your head and control throughout the entire movement. Also try pausing for 5-6 seconds at peak contraction.