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Tight Neck


The back of my neck has been unusually tight these last few days and keeps cracking every time I turn my head. It's getting really uncomfortable and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what they did to get rid of it. This happened after benching, nothing too hard, just a regular session.


The theracane I got from elite has been a godsend for issues like this, check it out.


I'm having the same issue right now (not from benching), Its happened before as well. What I do is roll the painful spots with a tennis ball, and have my wife roll my traps with a massage stick or kitchen rolling pin. I've found that this happens to me during benching if I let my shoulders drift up into a "shrugged" position when working with a bench weight near my max. I try to make sure my shoulder blades are really pulled down, if they start to come up, I end the set.


Chiropractor works for me


Oh yea, this definitely worked, can't believe I didnt think of it before. I'll be sure to check my shoulders next time. I keep em tight, but they might be pulling themselves up. thanks


well first thing id have to say since ive seen so many ammys do it that it makes my stomach turn, is try not to lay your head of the dge of the bench! since the kneck is crucial to the posterior chain it is vital to the bench press. when its not stabilized under stress well ya get the picture make sure ya use basic R.I.C.E method and usual some over the conter NSAIDS will normal do the trick. Try some stretchin also bloodflow is critical 2 recovery!


Compression? ...on your neck?

Last I heard, oxygen to your brain is critical to recovery, too.


No my head isnt on the edge of the bench. My bench form is pretty solid, aside from the shoulders drifting up at heavy weights.


Rippetoe says something in Starting Strength about pushing the back of your head hard into the bench (lots of guys do it unconsciously) being bad for your cervical spine. Do you do that? He recommends holding your head a fraction of an inch off the bench. Rip is also writing from the standpoint of generalized strength training, not competitive lifting -- not sure where you're coming from in regard to that.


I'm very biased being a McKenzie guy.



i had a neck muscle strain from pushing my head too hard into the back of the bench doing seated dumbbell shoulder press. I echo the other posters in reinforcing you to make sure you're not doing this. It can seriously hurt, and will damage you!