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Tight Lower Erector Spinae Right Side, Root Cause?


My problem is a tight lower erector spinae on the right side. I am trying to figure out what the root cause is.

I have been doing myofascial release on that side that helps some, but it is still extremely tight. When I do myofascial release on this side, I can feel the entire release connected through my right leg.

Problems encountered with this tight lower back:

1) Right Glute unable to fire correctly. Glute does not fatigue at all (not feeling stretch and squeeze)

2) Since right lower back is so tight, it doesn't fatigue at all during any exercise (actually a bad thing, because I can't feel the stretch and squeeze)

When performing full hip thrust lockout, no weight in supine position. Sometimes, I feel everything crack inplace. The whole right leg/hip has an anterior glide.

Just keep doing myofascial release with ball? Is there a name for this?


You have a "Tight Psoas" on the right side.

I'm no expert, but your Psoas is a "deep postural" muscle that connects your spine to your thigh, like "under" your abs.

When it cranks down, it pulls your ribs towards your knee. This can make your butt stick out. If one side (your right side) is tighter than the other side, it can make your pelvis "twist." In this position, your glute/hip/abs/obliques/adductors/abductors all start to work in a "dysfunctional" way.

After awhile, you kind of "train" yourself to go into this dysfunctional "movement pattern."

After you do your self myofacial release, try to hip hikes, clam shells and seated Psoas holds. They are like easier moves, or a regression of the glute thrust move.

As far as a Root Cause, different experts will say different things.

I would start by checking out your feet and ankles. Do you have a flat foot or collapsed arch on the "bad side."


Have you tried Self Myofacial release with a foam roller? And if so, do you do it in the correct sequence and using the right technique? See if this link works. https://plus.google.com/104272226180391382350/posts/3EpZ83QRSmn


Sorry for really late response, haven’t been on in a while and tried to ignore the problem. Will try this out. Solid advice.

Much Thanks.