Tight Lower Back to the Right Side

hey guys i have got a few injuries but i just want to talk about my lower back.
my lower back to the right goes really tight (slght pain) and i can feel it when i,m exercisng and just doing day to day stuff. This happens more harshley after deadllfits and similair exercises. when this happens i just want to foam foam roll and massage it but it does’nt help that much. sometimes when i go on a lower back machines and do high reps it helps it go away alot. the other day i had to stop doing skipping and bw squats because it was aching so bad.

i foam roll(and criket ball) my whole most days and do glute activation exercises, i do core work but not enough and as frequent as should. i do train my posterior chain with stiff legged deadlifts(back feel o.k when i start with the weight on a step) and glute bridges

others issuses what could cause it are,
1.my groin to my right sight is alot tigher that my left and never seems to loosen up.
2.my lower back to the right side clicks sometimes when i lower my body side to side.
3. my lower back at the right side is sligtly less muscular than my left but is allways alot tighter than my left
4. i have winged scapular, a tight neck on my right side and pins nneedles down my right hand
5. i used to carry a bag on my right shoulder
6.my body does feel kinda twisted
i have had this injury for a 3/4 year after doing power cleans wrong, i have seen various physios in england which don’t know how to cure it.
i have tried the usual rehab stuff i see on hear and other sites, foam roll, massage psoas, goin etc, work on posture, stop carrying a bag on my right side.

i took a year out of training and just did rehab stuff. now i am just am doing bare minimum training at the moment because my injuries and this makes me sad =( lol

any help will be much appreciated

any questions, photos or more info needed just ask =)

also my hip to the right and side allways feels tight

My left hip and lower back can get tight. I find that stretching helps, yoga is like magic. Also, rolling my IT band rather than my back itself helps. Oddly stretching my groin gives great relief, maybe your hip is off kilter somewhere sneaky?

Try rolling your feet and calves with a tennis ball or golf ball, along with foam rolling your IT band. My low back has been tight on the left for about 9 months after falling on my left hip. I’m finding that my rolling my feet and legs give me more release that rolling my back or hips.

cheers for info guys =)