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Tight Lats


I find that when i put my arm over my head against a wall and then lean to the opposite side to the arm i raised i get a very sharp pain right under my armpit (but more towards the back) of my raised arm (so i guess the area below my shoulder blade). Im not sure if this tightness is "normal" or if i really do have tight lats. Its odd because i find that when i hang from a pullup bar i dont feel tight at all.

I also dont feel too tight when i do the test where you sit on your knees and then kinda do an ab rollout just on a ball in order to stretch the lats.

Does anyone else get this tight feeling? Im not too sure how big the ROM for the lats (or if its not the lats, whatever area that is) is, so i maybe im just extending myself past the normal ROM.

Thanks for the help.



Lie on your back with your arms straight overhead, and try to touch the floor with your hands.. If you can do it without bending your arms, your lats are ok. I think Eric Cressey wrote an article on it not too long ago.

Could be pec minor tightness too.


If you want to actually stretch your lats from a chin bar do it like this.

Start from the top and lower slowly down to the stretch while trying to flare your lats out and lean back slightly(make yourself "big"). Don't let the joints do the holding, make your muscle do it.


lol scott everytime i see you post i find myself asking you for advice.

stupid yates avatar makes me think that its you in the pic.

good tip on the lats.... lol


God if that was me I'd be renting myself out to give shade for women and children during the summer.


I passed that test fine.

Its more on the "side" of my body, opposed to my back itself.

Is it possible that i have tight obliques?