Tight Knot Throughout Back Right Side

Title pretty much says it, made an account as I’ve been lurking here and liked what I saw. For the record I’ve only been lifting for around two years now, maybe one full year of more “serious training”.

Recently I’ve notice my postures been off, and to cut to the chase, I had a friend who was a nurse put me that “scoliosis” position to inspect my back. Essentially, from my right lat down to the base of the right side of the spine, all that muscle is tight/knotted up/SNAFU and what have you. It’s pulling my right shoulder down, and unlike my left lat which flares out a little when its relaxed, my right lat remains pulled back. Attempting dumbbell rows, I feel a great stretch on the left, but on the right, my hand will go down to the same depth, but the lat just won’t stretch as much.

What are some ways I can break this up? A rougher foam roller is what I’m thinking for a more permanent fix after maybe a month or two. For now I sort of push my right lat out and up when walking to not seem lopsided, but that comes with the issue at the gym of rolling my right shoulder forward and losing that stretch in my right pec, so I’d like to avoid it.

What does your workout look like? A lot of times its a tight muscle somewhere else that causes the pain. You doing any unilateral leg work or hyperextensions?

As of about a month now I run an Arnold split type routine, Chest/Back, Arms/Shoulders, Legs, and I love it. I don’t understand how another muscle can be the issue when I’ve already identified it as being tightness in the right side of my lats and back. Also worth mentioning for back I only really do V-Grip lat pulldowns, pullups, and single arm rows, since I grow and respond best to those.

Tight glutes and/or hams can keep your lower and mid back from moving freely, causing strains.

Can you post an image (not necessarily of yourself) pointing to the pain source?

Anytime your back hurts asymmetrically laterally, be sure when standing, to keep your heels together. This will minimize your body’s license to place your weight asymmetrically, one foot carrying more than the other, which people will do to alleviate the symptoms while exacerbating the cause.

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