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Tight Hips or Injury? Help w/ Rehab

The problem: pain in the upper inner leg, I would say right next to or maybe the sartorius, when doing any kind of deep legs work.
(When you lift your leg up like Captain Morgan Its the two tendons that stick up closest to your groin)

Started: I was doing HST got bored of it figured I’d switch to MAX-OT, stupid me. Monday I go in ready to rep out my usual 345x6. Warm up, hit the 315 accumulation set, struggle, get it up, figure what the hell I can do it. Throw on 30 more pounds get under the bar get 4 and fail. I called it quits there and left, came back for my HST session that night, didn’t squat. Nothing felt like it tore/snapped/got hurt but as I walked out of the gym I had a kind of nagging pain.

Its been hanging around for about 3 weeks now.
I’ve been doing the Squat Rx stretches and my own everyday.
The pain is dull but is taking a toll on my leg workouts.


Sounds like a strained groin to me. I’d do a lot of stretching of the groin and hip flexor. Ice after any lower body lifting.

Try massaging it (yes, this will look suspicious), and using a heating pad before bed.

Rotate your leg around its joint at the hip a few times a day and as a warm up prior to lifting.

I’d avoid any squat variation (particularly the split squat because that area’s more inclined to be activated for balance issues). Also avoid sprinting, as this will certainly aggrevate it. I’ve been okay with hamstring exercises when that’s happened to me before. I don’t know if you will feel it during hammy exercises, though.

If you do not want to take any time off of lower body lifting, try a lower intensity higher volume protocal (GVT and its variations comes to mind).

Good luck.

I’ve had the exact same injury happen to me. Like you said the pain was in the upper inner leg but the left leg. Any time i tried to squat i’d get this sharp pain in the area of injury. I was told by an coach to avoid any type of squatting for 1 month or so. Since the injury i’ve been doing deadlifts and a lot of hamstring work. Let me tell you that my inability to do squats has caused my legs to shrink a little.

It’s been a month and i’ve attempted squatting but experience only a slight pain in the area. I’m not really sure on what type of stretching to do as i don’t know the exact area of my injury. What type of stretches have helped you, out of curiostiy?

I’ve also had this hip flexor pain due to squatting it was quite acute and prevented me squatting for a few weeks. I now spend alot of time warming up and waddling around in the ATG positiong to get my hips nice and loose and it gradually eased off. Good luck with it.

I found that the Squat Rx video (first one) had a bunch of good stretches. Also search 7 dynamic stretches for squats they have some good ones just to loosen up. And just general pre-hab exercises.

My leg work has gone to almost zippo. Go in warm up 2 sets of front squat (start firing up/getting painful, 3 SLDL, 3 Calf raise, 1 front squat, Go and try to do lunges.

I figure that if I stretch in lunge position and go high rep low weight that’ll help.

Im going to be taking sometime off too and maybe go see a doc about it, my elbow/shoulder just started firing up too. Im double dosing fish oil and am going to start stretching every morning not just PWO.

Everything is going wrong on my left side lol right is fine, wtf.

3 weeks is quite a while - I’d follow your instincts and get it checked out.

I wouldn’t really stretch right now either. You pissed something off, and the stretching is probably aggravating it.

Can you walk with a normal gait? If so, I’d just stick to that until you get to the doc. Good for getting blood to your injury and keeping ROM.