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Tight Hips Causing Lower Back Pain?

Hi guys. I’ve read a lot of articles regarding back pain due to tight hip flexors, however after stretching for weeks (told by chiropractor) I still have no results. I’ve initially injured my back 6 years ago, since then I have been in and out of pain. Just last thanksgiving (2016) I threw my back out and was seeing my chiropractor to stretch me back into shape.

Fast forward a year I’m not any better than I was before however I’ve been stretching my hips every day for a few weeks now. I’ve read how my hip flexors can cause lower back pain, However I don’t see any real improvement when I stretch or ice. This has been a constant pain that has stopped me from training at the Olympic level and as well as dance at the international level. If I may ask, do other people have this problem? And if so what exercises do you daily to loosen up the area?

This ha been a horrible pain for 6 Years now and 3 chiropractors, 2 physical therapists, and a spine specialist from Kaiser have given me no hope. I would really appreciate it if someone would explain the mechanischs of what’s happening in my hips and what exercises to do?

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Impressive stuff.

Weak glutes are almost always the reason why people have tight/painful lower backs. Glute bridges. band walks, and band clams always help me with lower back pain. Slow & controlled for 10-15 reps until the burn is real. If you need me to link some videos to what I’m talking about, let me know.

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This really, really helped me.

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Back pain is recurrent, nature of the beast. That said my professional and personal opinion is that that is because it is often poorly managed. I recommend you see a PT certified in MDT (Mechanical diagnosis and therapy, aka McKenzie method). It changed (ended) my struggles with LBP and as a PT it also radically changed the clinical path I choose (because it helped me more than anything I learned in PT school). For me strength was not the answer.