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Tight Hip Flexors? Psoas stronger than abs? Why am I sloutching?!

What’s up t-folks? I have noticed as of late that if I am not cautious to keep my abs contracted, I feel like my midsection is pulling forward. Due to this, I feel a lot of tension in my lower back to maintain correct posture. Should I work on strengthening my lower back? I don’t think it is that because I have never worn a weight belt and use a lot of Olympic lifts in my training. I also read in a Paul Chek book that my psoas could be stronger than my abdominal musculature cause my pelvis to tilt. I also have read that it could be due to tight hip flexors. If any of you can help me out I would really appreciate it.

Check out the current issue’s Iron Dog. There’s something there that just might help you.

Justin, it could be a number of things. First, assess your lower abdominal strength. Check out Paul Chek’s article ‘How to be back strong and beltless-part 3’ for an example of a ‘lower abdominal coordination test.’ Also, assess your hip flexor flexibility. Tight hip flexors and weak lower abdominal muscles both contribute the anterior (forward) pelvic tilt you are currently experiencing. From what you say in your post, utilizing alot of Olympic style lifts may be causing you to develop a muscular imbalance. Most likely, your posterior chain muscles(spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings)are stronger than your abdominals.