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Tight Balls and E2

Hello everybody. I am currently having very tight balls, it seems like they want to crawl up inside of me lol. I am in the process of changing AIs and dosage so I am sure this is related to E2. What is the relationship between tightness in the balls/balls wanting to go inside of you and E2? Is this a sign of low or high E2?

I have heard both. Me personally low seemed to cause it. Both dick and balls acted as if I had just jumped in a cold body of water. I recently got off my AI and it has improved dramatically.

why are you on an AI?

That’s pretty much part of TRT. Trying to control it with an AI is great way to feel like shit and when you look in the mirror your balls will still be the same size. You can use hcg to get them swinging again but that comes with it’s own set of shit to deal with. Personally my balls (like everything) got better as time went on. You introduced an outside source of testosterone so your body shut down the factory.

I have never had that before, and I have been on TRT for more than a year. My balls were always normal on TRT, even without hcg. This problem started when I changed my AI.

I seriously doubt the AI did that. If you ate animal crackers at the same time you wouldn’t say it was the crackers. There are a ton of posts about people’s balls sucking up from trt. If you look at the media’s portrayal of steroids they love to point out your balls shrink. Type in “balls” in the search bar. You’ll see a ton of people taking hcg just to regain ball size.

Did you up your dose, change AI you were using? I didn’t catch what you changed just that you changed something with AI. Like I said mine were like that when I was low E2 from AI. I quit taking AI and they dropped back down. There is only one other thing that may have caused them to drop back down and that was adding DHEA in that time frame also. I haven’t heard of a mechanism that DHEA could do that, except again back to more E2. I contributed the AI to it but maybe I am wrong.

I changed from Arimidex to Aromasin, didn’t work well and now I’m switching back.

Stop the AI genius you don’t need it guy. How many posts around here explaining that since 2019 started … if you can’t see that I don’t know what else to say.

Estrogen friend. Ai bad. Body builders took ai. Trt docs adapted This shitty practice . Zero scientific evidence showing why ai started.

Hundred fold Reason to allow estrogen than to block it . Zero evidence showing estrogen is harmful. Shit loads of evidenfe Showing it’s beneficial.

Get with it

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