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Tight and a Bit Swollen Knee



Just wondering anyone has this situation and what has been done to fix it.
I was training my legs and now 4 days later, I found that slightly above right knee outer area has a bit of swelling and it is tight when I squat or sit cross-legged.

is this cause by my leg workout, some dislocation of ligaments or something?
there is no pain, just a bit of cracking and tightness which makes it a bit harder to squat.
any advise/ comments?


Did you have this tightness the day after squats? If no, I say ice it and keep squatting.


no, i dont.
the next 2-3 days after legs workout, my quads are aching and sore.
Day 4 when I've recovered, I noticed the swell and the tightness if I squats.
I will try icing and see how it goes.