Tight Abductors, Can't Squat???

He guys,

  I started training this 15 year old high school football player.  He's a pretty big kid for his age and was a lineman.  It's very hard for me to do anything with him worthwhile because he can't squat down past 50% ROM without hurting what appears to be his abductors.  One legged squats and lunges really hurt him.  He doesn't know what he did to injure it but says it has been hurting for almost two years.  He's done nothing about it and the coaches at school told him to "work through the pain" and just "suck it up".  This could have been easy to fix 2 years ago, but what about now?

 After the workout I stretched his hamstrings and proceeded to stretch the groin a little hoping to lengthen the tight abductors.  I found that his range of motion was really bad whenever I abducted his leg - especially the right leg.  The muscles are so tight that it hurt too bad for me to really get a good stretch.  I told him to go see a PT and check it out.
 What the heck could have caused this?  Does anyone have any suggestions in how I should go about working on improving this on our next session?

I think that the more important question is:

“Should you really be training him if you don’t know the difference between ADductors and ABductors?”

Very good point Eric. How can someone be a trainer without knowing anatomy…especially some extremely basic anatomy like that.

Oops, I clearly know the difference. I had to ABduct his legs to stretch his ADductors… the two thoughts ran together. I don’t think I would be CSCS certified if I didn’t know this.

So I’m assuming you guys have never made a typing slip up before, right?

How bout a non smart-ass answer that truly helps a fellow T-man. No offense.

I recommended some foam rolling, massage, and stretching to him. Any other ideas for his tight “ADductors”.