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Tigers and Indians?


What a great start for these two clubs. Boston hasn't done too shabby, either. Not having watched any of their games as well as sub-standard coverage from ESPN, can anyone offer me some insight on these clubs? DB? Mod Laurie?


Tiger fan here since I was born.

We finally got a manager with some balls. Some solid young hitters as well. Pitching is still lacking, I think we'll probably tinker out towards the end and end up with 84-86 wins, and a few games out of wild card contention.

Either way, Im excited about the season.


Well......since you asked. :wink:

I think the biggest thing for the Tigers was hiring Jim Leyland as their new manager. Alan Trammel was too nice of guy, and it seems some of the trouble makers were allowed to run the club house. Leyland is more old style.....do things his way or hit the road.


I just purchased MLB.TV Too much basball? Not a chance!

"In heaven, I'm in heaven..."


There's no such thing as too much baseball.


Velvet Revolver, are you a Piston's fan as well? Did you see the way they made the Pacers look like a team of little girls yesterday?

I can't wait for the play offs to begin! And then there's the Red Wings too. :slightly_smiling:


Who's your daddy?


I was going to start a Red Sox- Yankees thread, but I don't know if there' enough fans here.





HUGE pistons and red wings fan. Us detroiters are passionate about our home teams.

Pistons are gonna win it all the way. Our team is so deap. Red wings, maybe. We'll see how it goes.


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Red Sox? Yankees? You don't want to exclude all the other baseball fans that don't care a lick for those two teams in discussions about baseball, do you? Talk baseball.


Bahhh. You guys just don't get it.

Red Sox- Yankees is baseball. The rest is just background noise. Especially them fuckin White Sox :wink:


I did not think of baseball when I read the topic of this thread lol


Not this year!!


I'm a huge Indians fan...they were the best team in baseball for the second half of last season until they lost six of their last seven. They still won 93 games, which puts you in the playoffs most years. They lost a ton of one run games, and there was no single reason like poor bullpen, etc. They simply lost a ton of one run games, and that is what separated them from the White Sox, who won a ton of them.

This year I would be surprised if they don't make the playoffs. Their lineup is great and they have Paul Byrd and Jason Johnson as their 4th and 5th starters. They have a couple of bullpen questions, but all in all they are a very solid team who can produce 1-9. I wouldn't be surprised if they had 4 starters win 15 games. I can talk all day about the Tribe, but I'll stop.



Go tigers!


How about them Red Sox?


Lookin good. Schilling is off to a good start, looks like Papelbon's gonna be the closer.

And Big Papi carries us home. I could see a pennant this year. The Yankees are alot older and more unbalanced then everyone thinks.


Go Bucs! Seriously, Pittsburgh is like 0-97 already. True, it's a long season, but I can't wait til the NFL draft...