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Would be great for someone who grapples. Though working through the progression to be able to do this would take most people quite some time, if they ever got there at all. In other words, it's cool, but the efficacy of this exercise is limited by several factors.

Not sure what your intent was by posting the video since you left no comment, but you have my opinion now anyway. If that's you, then good job, let's grapple!


thats badass.


Since when are planche variations a conditioning exercise? That's about as brutal as a 2x BW bench...so...

This forum really needs a "Bodyweight exercise/Gymnastics" category...


Good Shit Man!


nice control! obviously good strength for showing off. my question is what does it do for you?


Bragging rights?



you make me feel really old.


jeepers, that's awsome


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no it doesn't


Yes it does.


I think BW/gymnastic exercises are underrated. For whatever reason, they seem easier on the joints, maybe because the ~shear and ~compressive forces are much smaller, while the torque can be very high. (I won't say they're "more natural": some might be considered so, but humans have had to exert themselves against external resistance since like forever)

Also, advanced BW exercises have the advantage of requiring no equipment, so they are great for military personnel, business trips to places w/o gyms etc.

(with the disclaimer that you can't replace (at least not totally) the DL, BB squat, DB/BB row (mid-trap&rhomboid exercises), and maybe even curls, with BW exercises, although they (BW ex) can be used to maintain strength)