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Tiger Woods

I’ve heard people talking, at school, work, etc. about Tiger Woods and they say that he benches 365lbs! I think that’s bigggest load of fucking bullshit I’ve ever heard!!! How could someone so tall & skinny (6’2", 160?) be able to lift so much!!! I know about using low reps to keep from getting bulky, but he looks like he’s got a body like di Caprio under all his clothes. DOES ANYBODY BELIEVE THAT??

no plus there is no specifity to golf in the bench press.

I’ve heard from more then a couple of sources that when he was at the University of Stanford he was the strongest athlete pound per pound in the entire athletic program…and this includes football players…Don’t know if this is true or not, but I do recall even T.C. Luoma mentioning it once in one of his posts.

I don’t buy that crap.

I heard and believe that. I was on a NHB discussion list and someone who knew the stanford strength coach and the stanford strength coach said that Tiger was the strongest pound for pound athlete he’d ever seen, and that he benched 300 for reps. I can believe it. I worked with this guy who was on the san jose state basketball team, a phenominal athlete, who had the build of a basketball player but maxed 375 in bench. He also ran the 100 yd dash in 10.4 seconds in highschool. African american athletes are off the hook.

Tiger Woods having a 365 pound bench is total crap. It was probably started by golfers on the net who were trying to convince people that golfers are athletes. My roomate and his friends are totally willing to believe it. They don’t weight train at all and they golf.

Yeah, it’s all true! Also I heard that he’s ten feet tall and shoots lightning bolts out of his arse.

Naturalman-good one

i don’t know if i believe that woods can bench 365, but i do know some folks at the gym who look like absolute shit (some are fat and some are anorexic) and i can’t believe the weight some of these people throw around. you would swear that they are gonna hurt themselves, but they somehow pull it off. me on the other hand i look like i can lift a lot more than i really can. it sucks when some little twig throws up more wieght than i can, but hell, i look better naked so f**k 'em.

Excellent Braveheart plug.

My grandmother’s second aunt’s cousin’s sister’s hairdresser went to Stanford Beauty School, and she told my wife’s niece’s second cousin’s golf partner that Tiger Woods could bench 425 lbs. for reps and do a 20-rep squat set at 550 lbs. This same person also said that Woods can out-jump and out-shoot Jordan, leave Ben Johnson in the dust, and make Andre Agassi beg him for handicap points on the tennis court. Believe it, people, this guy’s an athletic god. (cough cough)

Boxcar, I knew this guy and his cousin’s best friends cousin said that he heard from his friend that a guy on the net said…

In all actuality it is true, he does indeed push heavy ass weights, and though it seems terribley improbable you must understand the tremendous amount of functional strength tiger possesses. he has driven the ball in adverse weather conditions(british open 2000) in excess of 350 yards. he is an immensly well conditioned athelete who attributes alot of his playing succes to his incredible physical abilities.

Don’t this the wrong way, but it seems like those who can’t bench 365 and have been working out religiously are perhaps bitter at Tiger.

And for whomever said golfers aren’t athletes, golf isn’t the hardest sport, bar none, for nothing. These guys have coordination and deal with pressure in sports that most other pro athletes never see their entire career.

This is the biggest load of horse crap I have ever heard. For one, the bench press has absolutely nothing to do with the golf swing. So Tiger can hit 350 yards, big woop, a woman can serve a tennis ball at 120 miles and hour and alot of men can’t, does this mean they can bench 300 lbs?

Second, a golfer’s driving distance has more to do with form and clubhead speed which comes more from hip and leg rotation than your upper torso than it does with his or her strength.

With the size of Tiger's chest, I would have to believe his muscle fibers are made of titanium before I would believe he can bench anything over 300 lbs.

As far as Tiger being the strongest pound for pound athlete at Stanford, I can believe it, but an ant can carry like 8 times it’s weight and I doubt that an ant will bench press 365 lbs. All in all, I don’t care who it is, but when an athlete, regardless of their sport, says they can bench 230% of their weight, I wanna see it done before I will believe them. I have friends that SAY they can bench twice their weight, but in the gym they will be lucky to get one and a half times their weight.

A guy at my highschool who weighs 145 now can bench 325. He was in a competition in LA when he was 16 and weighed 135 he put up 265 which was a record at the time.

Okay people, stop deifying this gentleman and come down to reality. Tiger Woods simply does not have the core musculature necessary to achieve a 365 lb. bench press, and that’s a plain fact. (I’ll give one Internet dollar to the first person who can state Mr. Woods’ actual max bench press weight. It’s still very good for his size, but it’s not 365 lbs. by a long shot. Hint: look in either the April 2001 edition of Golf Digest magazine or find the related March 14, 2001 MSNBC story.)

Tiger doesn’t bench that much

my brother, who wrestles for michigan state , weighs 150 and can bench 325… thats awesome… 217%

I don’t buy for a second that Tiger can bench 365. 300 maybe. I saw him in person once, and his shoulders were narrower than my waist. Anyway, as for the comment about the strength trainer who said he was the strongest athlete lb for lb. at Stanford, does anyone know the name of the guy. I train here at Stanford, and I know most of the strength trainers and can get the straight scoop right from the horses mouth. I am gonna ask around anyway and see what I dig up. Later